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Illustrating the Runes, a personal journey.

For many years I have told myself that 'someday' I would illustrate the runes. That someday has come and I've taken it upon myself to illus…

Started by Leben NightmajicLatest Reply

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Runes and Sacred Geometry

Hello All! I just got started with learning about runes and am pretty excited about the possibilities. My family comes from Norway (I am 1/…

Started by Jim Crilly

23 on Saturday
Reply by Loclynn

A bind rune for the home

This is a bind rune, made to protect the home from unwanted persons and energies, I inscribed the rune on a piece of storm damaged wood I f…

Started by John MacBrayne

3 on Friday
Reply by Maagda Thorenson

A mead in honor of Tyriel

I've been making wine for 9+ years and only after joining this forum have I been inspired to make a mead, in honor of our northern ancestor…

Started by Jay Archer

1 on Wednesday
Reply by Tyriel [Rune Secrets Admin]

greek alphabet

Out of curiousity, i study ancient greek and some of the symbols seem to be similiar in some ways. and as well i have seen runic symbols u…

Started by james juergensen

3 Sep 10
Reply by Tyriel [Rune Secrets Admin]

Newbie saying hello and a few interesting notes

Thank you Tyriel and everyone so much for this site and study group!! I'm looking forward to expanding my understanding and connecting with…

Started by Jay Archer

11 Sep 9
Reply by Tyriel [Rune Secrets Admin]

newbie saying hi

Hi! :) I don't know what drew me here, but googling something brought me to the rune meanings part of the site and it's so much better (= m…

Started by Mand Maud

3 Jul 27
Reply by Mand Maud

a natural rune,an Ash tree and space

I am in Denmark at the moment organising a course in the nature. Arriving there I notice a small open space in the forest with a young beau…

Started by stephane dogart

1 Jul 23
Reply by Loclynn

Getting started: How’d it happen for you?

One of the things I wonder about with others is how did they get started with the path/focus/direction that they are on?  While I certainly…

Started by winter.skadi

64 Jul 17
Reply by Hrímfaxi

What's Your favourite Divination Method?

  Lets talk about all the different ways the Runes speak to us. What is your favourite method of divination? Do you have a specific layout…

Started by Kjolig

67 Jul 17
Reply by Hrímfaxi

How To: Red Oak Runes

I posted earlier about making a set of applewood Runes from barbeque smoker wood. But it involves hogging out planks from the rough log spl…

Started by DesertRaven

0 Jul 3


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Runes and Sacred Geometry 23 Replies

Started by Jim Crilly in Community. Last reply by Loclynn on Saturday.

A bind rune for the home 3 Replies

Started by John MacBrayne in Community. Last reply by Maagda Thorenson on Friday.

A mead in honor of Tyriel 1 Reply

Started by Jay Archer in Community. Last reply by Tyriel [Rune Secrets Admin] on Wednesday.

greek alphabet 3 Replies

Started by james juergensen in Community. Last reply by Tyriel [Rune Secrets Admin] Sep 10.

Newbie saying hello and a few interesting notes 11 Replies

Started by Jay Archer in Community. Last reply by Tyriel [Rune Secrets Admin] Sep 9.

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Free Rune Course Beginning March 1st 2012

Welcome to Rune Secrets! Many of you know me as Tyriel, the admin of Rune Secrets and the author of The Book of Rune Secrets.

The Rune Secrets Study Community at started Beta in March of last year, and has since grown a vibrant and active membership base.

Now, I am going to [...]

The Book of Rune Secrets & Study Community: Major Announcement!

I have two exciting announcements for you this weekend, both of which I have been working to perfect all year.

The Book of Rune Secrets is now available on and Barnes & Noble!* 

Rune Secrets has become a favourite resource, and now all new, completely fresh insights on each rune are available [...]

A Sneak Peek at the Book of Rune Secrets Cover!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share the design for the cover of The Book of Rune Secrets, recently completed. This will (99%) probably be the final cover that will show up on Amazon and the actual book! Feedback appreciated, of course. Enjoy!

Lessons of Hagalaz: Rune of Disaster and Healing

In the face of disaster, compassionate human beings discover that they do not break, but become stronger. We discover that our communities come together, even on a global scale, in face of unimaginable destruction. When the universe shows its inimical side, the side that couldn't care less about average human affairs, it's as if we come together to show overwhelmingly that we care for one another. When the universe demonstrates that it cannot be depended upon, that it is more than able to wreck havoc, we react by showing that we can depend upon one another.

A Social Network Exclusively For Rune Study?

Have you been as frustrated as me in finding an online community exclusively for studying the runes? What is the solution?