This idea of putting on the hide is the art of glamour and is very potent in our modern world and people shape shift all the time. To glamour is to cast illusion, this is the core of marketing in fashion and in the cosmetics industry. In personal development, acting through the ham or putting on the hide is a powerful psychological tool. In AA and other co-addictive programs you will often hear the phrase "fake it till you make it" as a means of obtaining sobriety. Personal trainers push their clients to put on the "hide" of success. In job training seminars you are taught to practice going on job interviews. All of these techniques have the potential to work as well for the individual today as they did for our ancestors. While this is a very potent form of magic, it is not nearly as mystical as one might be lead to believe. Every cosmopolitan magazine on the counter is selling the latest in shape shifting technology, there are potions of every shade, hue and color, all to be had for a fistful of dollars. Every aspect of our daily life has been assigned a market value in some form of glamour,

What runes govern your Glamor and how do you use runes in your day to day shape shifting?

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Algiz is the glamour I use most.  If ever I feel threatened, or on edge, I picture the rune glowing from my forehead, accompanied by a protective circle of light around me, and a lovely rush of energy (sometimes accompanied by a small prayer for protection). It does wonders for anxiety and really boosts my awareness of my surroundings. I also like to do the same with Sowelo, feeling the power of the sun coursing through my veins. Not as much for a specific purpose, but just to enjoy walking down the street feeling 10 feet tall and indestructable!
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I can't tell that the answer could be explicit, but of course I could speak only on my behalf.

Any time I notice that I am missing specific values, virtues or attributes, I set a target for the transformation I desire by asking for the energy of the relevant rune to flow through me.

Sometimes, I enhance the power of the rune, binding it with the catalysing energy of Dagaz. Dagaz alone would not have any result in this case, it would be a targetless shape-shifting.
I would have to agree with Vanr. In my job I am in a lot of different situations all of the time. Sometimes I am brokering services, sometimes I am advocating, sometimes I am offering active listening, and I have found myself testifying in court more than I would like. Frequently I will call on Ansuz to help me speak clearly, Uruz to allow strength and healing. And sometimes frankly Algiz or Thurisaz (though that one can always hurt a bit more...) for protection.

When I am trying to ground and connect, I use Eihwaz more than anything else because it seems to connect me better... everywhere.
I like to pretend I run a website about the runes. ;)

But seriously, time and time again I come back to the protective teaching force of Algiz, the inspired poetry and persuasive magic of Ansuz, and the ability of Inguz to plant tiny seeds in the hearts and minds of others.


I should go so far as to say that those three runes most define me.

Glamor and Casting is so every day that it is easy to under value the amount of power we through around everyday. The power of our words and the ease at which we can cast our moods and temperaments on to others. 


Algiz is often used as a defensive Rune, but have you ever tried giving Algiz to a friend or even a stranger passing  by?  Seeing how we are already using runic powers in or daily world can be a map to greater potency.


I see Gebo in you. Gebo is a bind rune of two Isa, Two equally rigid forces embracing; where they connect is a friction of energetic flow at the meeting of two Kenaz, like to worriers back to back  X  Gebo is open on four sidesGebo's root can mean both to give and to take. Balancing the many runic emerges that we are confronted with from day to day 


I see Ansuz firmly rooted in your dialectic skills and this site and your book are evidence of Ingwaz.



Seeing runes in paintings tels me that you are dialogging in runic thought with the world around you. Your Glamor or hide may be the most difficult to see as the world is your mirror. Such is the artistes mind. Both madness and genius can arise out of such dialog. You are a gift to this site.

Sage advice Loclynn. It's all to easy to let the unconscious mind take over, not realizing how we are using runic energy moment by moment. It's something to continually strive towards.  Thanks.

I like the phrasing of the day to day or moment to moment use.


I relate to it like this: we use gravity all the time. It's just something that's there. We take it for granted. But if we want to build an airplane or climb a mountain, then we have to become much more intricately aware of the forces and principles we're dealing with if we can ever hope for the incredible results we want.

Loclynn said: "Glamor and Casting is so every day that it is easy to under value the amount of power we through around everyday. The power of our words and the ease at which we can cast our moods and temperaments on to others. "

That is so true. It is so second nature in many ways that we (I) sometimes miss the mystery in it. Dinner conversations of an esoteric and spiritual nature are so second nature that sometimes it is odd to think others don't think about those things! LOL

It is good advice to be consciously aware of how the energies flow in and threw us to help us see the picture at large. :)

Loclynn, you make me blush... lol


Really thank you for what you say here but I see that the only gift from something to something is the Runes from Universe to us and we just pay it back.


The cloudy border between madness and, preferably, "direct" knowledge is something that I have faced when I communicate with Eihwaz. Tyriel had warned me once, so I am approaching it carefully.


I like your thought about Algiz as well. There are people that need it more than us.


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