I am trying to do my first reading but my Runes kept going face down, would I flip them over or discard them

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Are you casting them as a lot?  If so, they are all appearing rune side down?  Does anyone besides you touch the Runes?  If that is the case, try cleansing them in sea salt and then keep them on your person for a few days...then try reading again. I like to burn Dragon's Blood incense during a cast...you might want to add something like that to your ritual.

Rune side down seems odd, but if it continues you could leave them in that position and move your hands above them (just slightly touching them) while meditating on your query.  A Rune or Runes would make themselves known to you by vibration or sensation.  Turn those up to read what it is they wish you to know.

I thought if any cast upside down it meant the reverse meaning? Am I wrong?

It seems to me that you are expecting to see all the Runes in your cast.  That should not be the case, nor is it likely to ever occur. Try this:

You should be alone, preferably in your "special place".  Hold all the Runes in your hands and meditate on them and your query.  When you feel that the moment is right, cast the Runes upon your rune cloth.  Some will present themselves, others will not.  Those visible will represent the things you already know.  Review those, but then remove them to your rune bag.

The remaining Runes, rune side down and hidden from your vision are the things that are unknown to you.  Pick them up and cast again, asking the Runes, " of that which is hidden, show me what I should know."  Only some will appear on this second cast.  This is what They are revealing to you.  Do not look at the ones that are face down on the second cast...those Runes have not revealed themselves and you should respect that.  Simply remove them to your bag without looking at them.  

Those left are for you to discern the revelation.  In this way, it is important to see the way the Runes relate to each other as they lie on you rune cloth.  Their position to one another, their orientation to the cardinal points of the compass, whether they touch each other, etc. are critical to your reading.

Remember that a Rune cast always exists in Wyrd once completed. It is also not wise to continue to cast to achieve some desired outcome.  If you do that, the Runes will not work for you and will become nothing more that tiles with marks on them subject to random chance.


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