I recently acquired a Dremmel tool, and have always dreamed of being a rune-maker. I made a beautiful Galdr stick for myself last month and have decided that it is time for me to offer my skills to others who may not be as lucky as I to live near the woods and have the tools to carve their own runes. If this interests you, please feel free to message me and we can discuss details. I have access to local trees, being Oak, Ash, Birch, Poplar, and Willow. There is a limited supply of Hazel wood and Elder. So let me know if I can be of service. :)

Esther RavensdottirHere are some images of the Galdr Stick and my runes. :)

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Hi Esther, I have a small set of runes inscribed on moonstone, which are great to carry in your handbag :) but I would be interested in a set from you! I would like to think on the type of wood I would like, and presume that it be gathered from fallen wood, with permission ... I live in Australia - would this present a shipping issue?

Could you please explain the Galdr Stick? It's beautiful what you have created, but I don't know its purpose?

Thanks for posting !

Hey Kate, I would love to make some for you. Shipping might be a little pricey, as I live in Canada, but I could offer you a discounted price on the Runes themselves, to make up the difference. The wood I gather is usually windfall, but if you have a specific request for wood, and there is not any windfall, I will exchange a gift with the tree's spirit with gratitude for it's sacrifice. I will look at the prices for shipping overseas and let you know. I would be glad to help you out with this request.

As for the Galdr stick, galdr is a specific sort of rune magic in which one chants the name of the runes..."galdr" directly translated means "to crow" so it's not a very graceful sort of sound. Here is a link to some further information: Gladr Magic

Thank you, I will think about the purchase.

The linkety link is fantastically helpful - thanks, Esther!

Namaste and blessings

I am really excited cause a local purveyor of magical things has asked me to run a workshop on rune-making and reading! I need to charge the batteries for the hand-saw and get carving! :) :D

Awesome! How very cool there is no need to cut anything by hand and spend weeks asking for a branch from a tree, drying it, polishing and then chanelling your intent while cutting!

I feel I must clarify: I do still ask and express gratitude to trees for the gifts of their branches; sometimes the branches are given to me as windfall, and are literally discovered in my path. Othertimes, I seek out a tree with the desired wood, spend about 30 minutes with it, breathing together and asking the tree for a branch. I exchange with the tree spirit a gift, and with gratitude, take a branch.

I put alot of energy into the carving as well. The Dremmel does speed up the process, but does not remove the necessity of putting my energy into the carving, and the intereaction that happens with each rune as I carve it.


Hello ,

I really love the runes and the stick.

Can you please tell if the red color is natural ?

And what is the set on the photo made off ?

thank you

Hello Mila. I appreciate your admiration of my work. The colour is natural. they were both stained with blood only. The runes in the top picture are made from Hazel-wood from a friend's land in Teeswater, Ontario. They were made about a year and a half ago, so the blood has darkened to a brown stain. The Galdr-stick is made from a willow branch, from the same land. I finished it in April of this year, so the blood is still very vibrant, though beginning to darken now. This photo was taked the day I stained it, so it's quite red.

If anyone in interested in a link to my facebook page where I regularly update things I'm working on, let me know in a message. :)

Yes, love to see that.

Also, how can I contact you privately about creating a couple of things I'm interested in?


This may seem an odd question, but how do you get enough blood to stain that much surface area?  I pricked my finger with a pin to dedicate my runes, and I had to prick more than one finger, multiple times, just to finish the job. 

Yes, I'm interested in this aswell. It was very hard drawing some blood for my runes, not because I'm squeemish but because I simply did not bleed. I tried a few sites for diabetics to see if they had some easy tricks to draw a few drops, but no succes. I tried my fingers, but my fingers are usually very cold, so perhaps that makes it a lot harder.

Well, usually females do have quite a supply of fresh bood in their fertile years...


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