One of the things I wonder about with others is how did they get started with the path/focus/direction that they are on?  While I certainly  can say for myself that my own journey has been an interesting and twisted path at times, I can very clearly remember the turning point when I started with the runes.  I wonder what your story is…


Once upon a long time ago I was in a local occult shop with a friend. He was looking for something, and I wandered over by the stones, as I am prone to do in such situations.  New in the shop was a pile of bags of stones.  I looked at one of the bags, and pulled a stone out.  It was a moonstone (this is a significant stone for me personally).  The stone had an arrow on it. I thought something akin to “Gee that’s odd. I wonder why it has an arrow on it?”  I was promptly distracted after that, and went on my way.


The next week we were back again picking something up, and I wandered back to the bags (which had been relocated), and grabbed another one.  I pulled out another stone, and it was again a moonstone, and an arrow.  My first thought was, “Crap. Now I have to buy it.” I laugh now looking back.  I still had no idea what anything was, or what was going on. I did however learn though that they only got one set of moonstone runes in the store.   So this was the same set I had grabbed the week prior.


The reason I had the reaction I did, is because I have learned, through t he school of “hard knocks” that the universe will speak to me, and even repeat itself… but if I don’t listen then, usually the lesson gets a bit “harsher” for lack of a better way to explain it.  I figured this was a clue, and something I had better look into.


They didn’t have any books on runes at the store, so I ended up going to Barnes n Noble, and getting everyone’s first book, Blum’s.  Soon I realized that it didn’t seem to resonate with me, for reasons I could explain, but what it did do was foster a curiosity to learn more.  As I did I got pulled down this path and sent on quite a ride. 


Looking back I can see the orleg so clearly, and even did at the time-knowing I needed to seek more information, though I didn’t know why.


How did you get started? Why the runes?

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My grandfather was a Norwegian immigrant, though he was a stanch Lutheran. I noted at an early age that when he was building his barn he followed a set of rules that were not altogether structural. much later in life I was introduced to the Runes by way of heathenism. What struck me was that I knew the symbolism from my child hood, these were the same shapes built into that old barn my grandfather had built. 


Later in talking to my grand dad I found out that he knew nothing of the runes themselves, but that he had a healthy dose of superstition. And it was these old superstitions that had kept the runes in our family from time immemorial. It was through this same experiences that I have found many treasures hiding in plain sight.   


How very cool.  It is amazing how things "leak" into our world, even when they are "forgotten."

Without going into religion I would say that Europe was at war with Semitic ideas for at least a 1600+ years in that time older traditions were brutally stomped out of the public dialog. Even in our modern times, finding honest information with in academia  is difficult.  


It is amazing what can be found in nursery rhymes,card games, paintings, architecture and even music. 

So very true. Though I learned that a while back with a fascination for nursery rhymes and fairy tales... only to begin to learn their history.  And that is only the ones we can still trace out.
Oh boy, this is a story I have yet to write. My introduction to runes was pretty catastrophic in many ways and a decade later I am still learning and healing. Some things are so difficult to express. I'll have to find the words eventually.

I am sure it will be an interesting tale that will speak to others, and to you when you get there. 


For myself I can say though my introduction to the runes was "gentle" enough, my spiritual journey has been anything but... I know that trauma has shaped the way I view things.  "That which does not kill me makes me stronger." I laugh but it is true.


I hope you will tell the story someday.

In my country, there is little to zero known about norse mythology and, generally, norse culture. Most people believe that Thor is nothing more than a Marvel's hero. Runes (just like Tarot and Zodiac) are considered superstitious and the majority cannot imagine that a whole world lies beneath them.


I studied physics (science hard core), but, as said in my short bio, there were some questions that could not be handled by science. Thus, I started to read some books about various spirituals perspectives. Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Neoplatonism, Zen, Alchemy, Rosicrucianism, Gardner, Occult, Orphism, to name a few. Not in depth, but one or two introductionary books per time, just to realize that “this is nice, but it does not resonate completely with me”.


Then I saw a movie. In this movie, there was a scene where a mage talked about “celtic runes”. I will never forget the feeling I had that “this could not be true”, even if I knew nothing about the runes. And thus, I decided to buy a book about runes.


I got to a spiritual bookstore and I found only three books in greek, one about “celtic runes” (Oh God!, I said), one about “runic palmistry” (yeah right!, I said) and one with title “Rune Power”. I turned some pages of the third one over, I saw detailed explanations of the runes, I saw associations with trees, I saw runic cosmology and I thought “Well, that seems good. Let’s try to learn something about these symbols”.


No need to mention how enthusiastic I was through the new world I discovered and, moreover, how the things I learnt seemed so fitting to the universe I lived in. This enthusiasm holds until today and, hopefully, to my personal Ragnarok.


After two months, I was searching for a community, since there was no-one in Greece that I could share my thoughts on what I prefer to call “Runic Philosophy”, mostly due to the reasons I referred above. Then, I found Tyriel’s offspring. And the story continued…


I love how some genius movies (and even some not so) can be an invaluable source of synchronicity.

coincidence? As if I believed in those anymore :lol:  It never ceases to amaze me how they find us in the most mundane things...

Universe is full of potentially revolutionary events. It is us that give them meaning. If it wasn't the movie, there would be something else, that would have brought me to the runes.


But, honestly speaking, even if I acknowledge the mechanism, it is still fascinating...


When I turned 29 my Saturn return coincided with all kinds of spiritual doors flying open. My life was very secular. I had not given any thought to the spiritual world for most of my late teens and twenties. During this Saturn induced renaisance, I started doing Full Moon rituals with a few of my women friends. Looking for inspiration, I headed to the local library. There I discovered a tiny and very old book, the title of which I have forgotten, about using runes for magic. I photocopied the pages I thought I needed (regretting now that I didn't note author etc.). Through the many many! Moons that have passed since then, those pages have presented themselves whenever life gets tough, and have assisted in innumerable ways.


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