Rune Secrets is truly only the sum of its active members. It shapeshifts, and takes the form of the active energies and beings participating in it. Its memory is imperfect, because of a structural failsafe that protects it like magic.

It sucks when a member leaves. As Loclynn pointed out recently:

What sucks about this is that much of the community contents is within the comments I know that most of my beast work on the site is in the form of comments Thus the voice of the community is effectively silenced by the actions on one individual.

There is a solution.

You shouldn't be afraid to take the your good comments (or even other people's) and immediately turn them into blogs/discussions of their own. The comments are just the kindling, the real fire is when they are used to make original posts. In turn, I will someday be using all this kindling to write another book. (Available on Kindle. Harhar!)

I do give a little power to the person leaving the community, as you've identified, to silence a small part of the discussion. Specifically, any blog and all comments get deleted, removed forever. But at the same time, by abusing that power in one last act of defiance, they eliminate their presence (and power, and energies) from the site completely. 

I think inspiring comments, particularly ones buried on page 2+ should be turned into original posts. I have a page up called "The Magic of Always Being Listened To" that mentions this:

Create New Forum Topics

Why bury your important opinion in the comments? If you have a lot to say, it’s worth its own thread. Consider adding a new Forum topic. It’s only a little extra work if you’ve already typed out a long comment elsewhere, and your contribution to the site is much more visible. It's not like we have to conserve space. The forum is your playground.

While I have been thinking for a while that I should switch BLOG posts with FORUM in the sidebar, to make forum go first, I don't think that this is a solution. I can try it though. Forum posts cannot be deleted (except by an admin) after another user has commented. The user may delete their own comments, or leave the community (which clears their comments too, potentially leaving holes in the conversation).

It is unfortunate, but the internet has always had these kinds of built-in problems. But this system means I can manage a very busy site that basically self-moderates. I have never had to suspend someone's account unless it was a spammer. People leave, and with them goes the energy they brought in. I think they have a right to that power. But it also protects the community from negative energy in the long run. My decision to make it so new members needed a google, facebook, twitter or yahoo account to sign up to Rune Secrets helped things a lot too: you are using your identity, and it's proven to make people more accountable than if they were anonymous.  

Since I founded this Community, I've had the privilege of seeing many groups interact, listening to interesting perspectives, and finding out who would really stick around. Loclynn's been on board since the start, and it's amazing the friendship I feel I have for many of you. You read my thoughts and I read yours.

But comments have never been the place for truly incredible ideas. If you have something awesome and self-contained enough to be its own post -- don't hesitate. You never know when a blog will disappear. 

Both your blog posts and discussion topics can be shown prominently on your profile, (see mine here). While your comments are too, you definitely want your best ideas kept track of a little better than that, and less at the mercy of other members who might eventually delete themselves.

Giving your posts a great title helps other people, too: they find it easier, and read it, then comment, then blog. The cycle repeats and the Community grows stronger.

So don't be afraid to comment on blogs, but realize that comments are a transient medium. Treat your good comments as the first draft of a post. If they hold up, the second draft can be made into a post, and possibly a well developed article.

Forum posts are more permanent, but they organize themselves by which were last commented upon, rather than date posted. Not that it matters, because the activity stream ensures that people can jump into where the action is right away.

Like I said at the start of the post, Rune Secrets is truly only the sum of its active members. That means the site is about YOU, not me. I create the space and maintain it, and enforce the rules set in Terms of Service and the Charter, but really I mostly sit back and watch.

The Community becomes whatever you put into it... but it also changes if you delete your presence. A user might think 'for the worse', if that user trying to punish us by leaving. But in my experience, it eliminates a whole range of age old issues found on other forums and communities. Trolls, spammers, haters, and all the nasty energy that individuals can bring can be removed in one button... and according to my statistics, that button is ironically pressed by the very person seeking to harm the Community.

Thank you for reading, I think this is an important and central issue to understand about how Rune Secrets functions.

All my love,


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Grate post and yes I do save a file of all my comments or those that impressed me. I know that sounds a bit vain, but the truth is that I find most of my insights through language even my own.  Articulation lends itself to clarity.  

Sometimes metaphors come in spontaneous waves of passion.  I to will miss the passion of our departed members.  

It's actually a good habit to treat comments that way. Write it and edit it and save it before you copy it to the web browser and post it... of course, who of us can stick to that high an ethic 100% of the time! Only the real archivists ;)

I dont see it as vain- I have a note book that I jot down my own thoughts and revelations in because sometimes I forget or my perspective changes and I need reminding (though I do jokingly call it my 'Madmans Diary' lol

@Articulation lends itself to clarity.

In Tarot consultations, I sometimes 'gobshite.' It's not a very respectful term for it, but I just pull a card, speak, pull a card, speak. No spreads, no self aware thinking time. Speed can liberate, too, speaking or scribbling, because it's true, sometimes you don't know what you sense-know until you've said it.

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