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I have been working with the Runes for around five years now. The one question I cannot seem to find an answer two is the difference between Ingwaz as a diamond shape and as a diamond with the "tails." I was told that was the seed (diamond) and the spiral (tails). 

At the risk of inciting an argument, which shape is correct for the Elder FUTHARK? What would be the difference in drawing seed versus spiral? 

Thanking you in advance, 


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It depends on who you ask and what sources you consider. In my studies it was expressed as it's noted in the Elder Futhark without the "tails," and in the younger as with them. In terms of how the staves developed overall, it would have been more logical that the tails be present in the older version and missing in the latter. As Ingwaz is seen as Gebos, stacked, this would make it more likely to be found as such in the Elder runes. This emphasizes that the sacred seed is the fruit of partnership union--the center, the culmination of collaborative effort. This emphasis of the meaning also points more to the people of Ing, rather than the god, Ing. There's no explanation given though, for why the tails may have been the original strokes, then missing--or at least missing in the remaining examples we have--then realized and re-drawn to include them in the younger runes.

It's one of the many mysteries.


Nice to meet you too! Thank you for your reply.

I have also read that the seed is "inward looking" and concentrates "the inner fire" of Ing. The spiral is "outward looking with spreading lines representing limitless expansion. This carries the energy outward..." 

I prefer the latter interpretation, as it ties in with the need to share Fehu energy. Also, when the seed has germinated and starts to grow, the roots come out the bottom and the shoots and leaves from the top. The energy does not stay contained within. 

How we went from spiral to seed to spiral is indeed a mystery, but if you have ever made a set of runes, could be as simple as, "This isn't big enough for the 'rays', I'll just make a diamond." Alternately, "I'm tired, that's close enough."  Humans made these with Divine inspiration, but like us, they are human. 

Thank you for the welcome. I look forward to continuing my journey here.


Hi Michael in truth there is no right answer because at this level of inquiry we are all just guessing. This is part of why Runes are so very cool. We get to wright the meanings and add to the depths. Seed or spiral? well every seed is in fact a spiral  as this is in fact how they (Seeds ) grow, but deeper yet is the mystery of Recursion In this article on the shape of information you can see this recursive process..

My internet is down so I am hit and miss on the site these day's but I could not pass this opportunity  


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