How can letting go of someone you love deeply at the bottem of your heart bring fulfillment of Self?

What purpose brings loving myself more without having it's reflection?
Anyone like to help me unlock this rune?

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Ah, I figured it out (pre-coffee morning brain). Madr = Mannaz, of course. 

For me, the mirror/reflection aspect of this rune has had to do with how we construct images of ourselves in the world. 

It is the rune of intelligence, and it can be hard to pinpoint emotion here (much easier with the last rune, Ehwaz). This rune might be about not getting in your own way with your feelings or sabotaging yourself with emotion.

Does man have his reflection in the cosmos, other than the gods we invent? Can we love ourselves if we do not strive to fulfill our highest potential?

We cannot find peace when our mind is at war with us. Befriend the mind and Mannaz is unlocked!

How can letting go of someone you love deeply at the bottem of your heart bring fulfillment of Self?

This statement brings to mind the question. "How much of what I call love is really loving?"  Is my possessiveness of the other love? or is it greed? Do I love this person or do I love my ideal of this person? If lovers come and go yet true friendships last forever, what then is love?

Love so often seems to be an oscillation between dominance and submission in our modern world.    

Something interesting to ponder as a tension or conflict between Mannaz and Ehwaz is that old "How I feel" versus "How I think I should feel". The heart and mind seem to have differing perspectives on almost every 'feeling' we have!

meditating on madr really pushes my limits here and presses my heart strongly.the only escape from what i am experiencing is entering the now.

@loclynn is not love a reflection of self. is there a difference between the image of idealism or another person who holds it?

@tyriel it really is a intuition versus the intellect push myself in the now because the conflict just keeps on spinning. it is the love i feel for a spiritual guide (higher self)...blindfolded i am left to sense out truth here and i can not get my finger on it. the sense of a crazy this guide can manifest before me if i can unlock my true self....and hold my own energy without projecting it towards my counterpart falling in need again.

GRRRRRawrrrrr MADR!!!! ha.

But is there a counterpart or is it the gravity that pulls you toward your unmanifest self?

Anima/Animus as Jung calls it, or Fylgja (Fetch) as the Norse called it. A twin, a shadow or a higher self.

Again, there's that conflict in Mannaz: What you are (here and now) versus what you think you should be. That is Mind and Memory, Hugin & Munin, and it is this conflict that is in the heart of humankind, in the soul of Mannaz/Madr.

Each rune has a conflict, I guess you're feeling it strongly with Mannaz -- as you should perhaps! We are human after all. Mannaz' conflict is the one that drives humankind forward, which makes us never satisfied with ourselves, which blesses and curses us with a vision of future possibilities and potentials.

But all this is the mental projection of Mannaz, "the mind of man". 

Mannaz' mean trick is to make things seem 'out there' when they are really 'in here'. Perhaps one of the most incredible things to run up against with this rune is the realization that the reality you see and even experience as outside yourself, is actually happening within. How external everything feels and seems! 

So we all feel very strongly that there is some 'other' out there meant for us, or sometimes it can be a teacher or guide. But it can also be pointing toward an unactivated aspect within ourselves. It can be so convincing.

Funny though: are you feeling locked outside your true self, or locked inside a false one?

it feels like being locked inside a false one..but the false one does reflect my most highest potential haha thank you for taping in madr with me ;)

When I meditate on Mannaz, I like to be high above the city at night. See if you can get there sometime and I think you'll hit on something.

that is a cool photo, thank you. i will be like crocodile dundee in the big city.

i am going to eat my fetch muhaha ^^ turn myself in a consumer x like the hunter always can be hunted ;)

loclynn is not love a reflection of self. is there a difference between the image of idealism or another person who holds it?

It is a shifty idea :) How do we know anything without the contrast of the other?  Without comparison there is no comprehensions.  Self love and self respect make better windows of perception that is a truism I have had the good fortune to hold.   

I have done my video on madr...after the work was done the rune unlocked for me like so:

Spirit does not deny is the analytical mind that makes up all of
this stuff and at a physical level trying to attach it to something
tangible, blocking the heart center from actually doing what its suppose
to be, it is the mental analytical mind that has put a blockage on the
experience of allowing what should naturally happen by itself.

Everything is perfect the way it is and patience is a virtue i might have the key to true love now.

My love of Self ;).

Well time for cleansing...oh nooooooo s.. laukr next?...hmmmmm pffff haha.

Much love 2 you both.


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