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Now, without delay, I present: Raidho, from the Book of Rune Secrets.

Raidho - "Ride"

KEY CONCEPTS: the journey, taking action, decision-making, inner compass, nobility held by merit, innate knowledge of right and wrong, psychological narrative, street smarts, common sense

Raidho means 'to ride', as in to journey. The journey is more important than the destination, and it is no good living our lives in order to achieve our happiness 'someday'. We must also move past mistakes and and leave obstacles behind, never carrying the baggage we accumulate because of error and frustration with us. Centering our lives around the present moment while taking that next necessary step every day is a core secret we can take away from Raidho.

Raidho represents the essential psychological narrative form. It is why our dreams and our experience seems to string together into a story form that can be retold. But Raidho is not merely the desire to retell a story. Raidho is the pressure within all of us to live a life rather than watch life from a distance as it passes us by. Ansuz tells the stories, Raidho lives them.

Following one's heart and exploring oneself and the world is also a great aspect of this rune. It represents the journey we undertake to find ourselves, to know our loves in life, to follow our dreams, and to leave our roots -- and baggage -- behind. Raidho leaves the words and representations of Ansuz behind and states boldly that "actions are louder than words." Its principles are understood in action, in movement. It is the point at which simple reactions and reflexes give way to authentic, spontaneous action directed by our will. It is powerful, mobile and liberating.

The magic of Raidho revolves around merit rather than persuasion or popularity. When something "speaks for itself", we are referring to just such directness. The power of leading by example is inherent to Raidho, and as such this rune has been associated with leadership and nobility. It is a nobility not bestowed from above, but conferred by deed.

The discovery of flow is an inevitability with this rune, because when we let go of our past limits, and center ourselves in the moment to do that which we love doing, we transcend the passage of time and enter a kind of peak state. This energy, the core of Raidho, allows us to forget the past, forget ourselves and forget the future. We are joyful in the journey, consumed in the current step. We flow and dance and play with the universe in this state. We blend with our personal rhythms, and the rhythms of the world around us. We are experiencing a narrative directly, prior to embellishment.

Raidho helps us discover the natural limits, or laws, of the universe, by running us up against them, alongside them. We learn by doing, picking up necessary information as we go. We learn, moreover, that there are far less limits than we may have first imagined, and the ones that we encounter and train ourselves against, are negotiable.

Street-smarts is a brand of wisdom that Raidho inherently cultivates, because the secret of Raidho is to desolve what we've been told and experience the reality beneath for ourselves, for better or for worse. It can be a painful process for some -- but it is a beautiful and freeing power that really heightens our awareness and strengthens our character.

Awakening Raidho's power within us allows us to make concrete decisions in the present moment and follow them with immediate and massive action. It rips us from our conditioning and habits, propelling us forward to our future selves. It confronts the present moment, challenging us to expect the unexpected, and to do the undoable.

Life is in a constant state of change, of evolution. Environments are continually in flux. The universe is movement. Nothing stands still. When we join this movement, we are set within the current of reality, and we ride that current toward whatever reality has in store for us to discover.

This rune's flow of energy surges forward. It is the energy of movement and change. Harnessing it consciously allows us to take control of our destiny from the unconscious factors that would have us float idly to and fro with the tide, allow us to stagnate, or circle in a whirlpool current.

It is when Raidho is reactive, rather than active, that its reversed or murk-stave comes clear. When we are forced to move, or go with the flow but fail to invoke our most noble qualities, we are destined to find that our journey has no destination -- that our past and future haunt us with their uncertainty. We float in the darkness, unknown, unable to take in any of the sights. We are unaware of the context through which we travel, and bump up against rocky shores rather than sailing into harbor. Often it is not obvious right away that we have taken a wrong turn in our journey, and Raidho’s momentum can be troublesome to reverse and set right. Many deeds cannot be undone. It is good to have knowledge of the path ahead, for which we turn to another rune.

Source: "The Book of Rune Secrets"

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Tyriel, I find your description of Raido's energies to be profound and spot-on to what my experience has been with it.  Raido is my guiding rune, the one I identify with most in this life, perhaps in them all.  I am learning more about Raido by learning to ride a motorcycle.  The focus in the present moment, the need for quick thinking, quick decisive action, enjoying the journey, the "seeing" of what lies ahead, and evaluating many hazards simultaneously, and navigating them, the energy of movement, of Raido is clearly actualized in the riding of an iron horse.  The mind must be sharp and aware, elevated above the normal level of consciousness.  The joy and exhilaration of the "ride" is the essence of living life in the energy and momentum of Raido, as you said, " when we let go of our past limits, and center ourselves in the moment to do that which we love doing, we transcend the passage of time and enter a kind of peak state."  Beautiful expression of the Truth of Raido Tyriel, you do indeed know your Runes.  Well done. (I have an incredible true story of the energy of Raido in my and my husband's life, I am just a little hesitant or shy to share it, I am considering it.)  It is meaningful and relevant...

I try to live the meanings... I think a motorcycle is a great way to tap into this energy, though dangerous too!

My wife is a seasoned horseback rider. We've had lots of conversations about this rune and also Ehwaz -- "Horse".

Please share your stories, this is the place to do so! Just start up a blog post. Everyone who is interested in this rune will appreciate it.

"Awakening Raidho's power within us allows us to make concrete decisions in the present moment and follow them with immediate and massive action..." - Tyriel

Yes, indeed this is the part of "journey" that many don't realize the import of, the journey between Cause and Effect.  That distance, measured in time, between what we think, and what we cause to "be".  When we master Raidho, we become aware that everything we do, and everything we think (Ken, next rune... :-) ) creates a journey, a connection of dots if you will, that serves to teach us how to "think better", so that we can manifest better "effects" in our lives.  Raidho is that rune that makes connections for us, connecting places as well as ideas.

A very insightful article Tyriel.This is one of the runes I need to tap into personally for many aspects.Just 3 days ago I had a burning problem  and  I needed a solution -but  my mind was so clouded  for sensible rational thought that I picked up a rune for solution from my rune box and it was Raido that I got. I did a slight meditation on it you wouldnt believe it - it worked-incredible as  it was-Due to the personal nature of my problem I will try and present it in some other way later.Here Raido the vehicle rune also reminds us to stop and take a look at our livesHave .A much needed break.A vehicle needs to stop and refill too.As in your article you've brought in the centering aspect and leaving out emotional baggage is too good.Each and every word of your article is so striking and to the point  . I need to tune in more and more of Raido.Thanks

I try to make each and every word of the Book of Rune Secrets striking and to the point, as you said. I hope you'll continue to enjoy it, and remember you can get the whole thing on Amazon! :)

So, here is a true story from my life experience of the actions of Raido.  This is not to be self-indulgent, but to illustrate the very real power of Raido when you recognize it and accept it, utilize it.  About four years ago, I came within a hair's breath of what would have been a terrible high-speed head-on collision on the highway. I saw it coming and thought calmly, so this is how it ends.. then I heard and I listened to my inner wisdom that was telling me what to do, there was no panic, only acceptance of it, I learned long ago to listen to that "voice".  Needless to say, I miraculously made it through that moment, and it was a turning point in my life.  From that experience, I turned my attention pointedly to my spiritual interests which I had not pursued for some time.  I felt that I was saved for something, and I wanted to be a Light Worker in this world with this second chance I was given.  I no longer lived life in the mundane, but centered in the Spiritual ways of living life.  I felt within me what I can only describe as a inner wind of change, a growing restlessness, and I realized I was approaching a "crossroads" in life and spirituality and needed to be "ready" when the time came.  Within a couple years, I made some real progress in my spirituality and life, running on all cylinders.  Finally, I freed myself from a long-stagnant romantic relationship that no longer was positive.  Late one evening a couple months later, I was compelled to make an exploratory foray into an obscure dating site, completely out of character for me, I have never done that before, another instance where I listened to that inner guidance, rather than ignoring it.  As I was required to put up my own "page" to go further, I did and made my tag name my favorite rune, "Raido", as I was sure that would deter mundane men who didn't know what that was. (When I "picked" that tag name, correctly apparently, there was an inner flurry of joy and excitement I had no explanation for at the time.)  While I fine-tuned my page I'd created, up pops this window with a man's face, and the message "G is on-line right now!". I "recognized" him, in a deep spiritual way, his face moved me deeply, even though I'd never seen him before in this life.  As the pop-up faded, I scrambled to find him, paging back, determined not to lose him and to tear that site apart all night if need be. Oddly, or not, his name (emblazoned in my mind) was on a left side-bar and all I had to do was click on the link and there he was!  His page and what he had to say were fully supportive of my original connection to him, I was absolutely overjoyed at finding him.  I sent him a note immediately to kick-start a conversation, and thereby I popped up visually on his screen.  He said he also felt that "recognition" of me, and my tag name Raido made his mind swirl, as though spinning through time and space.  He realized a bit later that he had created his page two years ago to the day, and had never gone back to it, no hits on it, nada, he was only on the site this night to update it and give it another whirl, as he too had just ended a relationship a couple months prior, so it would seem that he had been inspired to create the site as a place-marker for us to make our "Raido connection".  We began our conversation that night, and never stopped.  He came to visit me a month later, went home and made massive changes in his life to free himself of belongings, job, and house, and set out and rode his motorcycle 1500 miles to be with me permanently three months later, we were married in another three months, almost two years now.  We both knew it was right with an inner certainty that has no connection to mundane logic or reasons, there was never a single doubt or question.  We are pretty certain from our past-life regression efforts that the last time our karmic wheel brought us together was about a thousand years ago, when we rode together as warrior and warrior-huntress (we both have profound connections to that time in history), and my sign to him then was always the Raido rune, if he saw it on a tree, a rock, he would know it was my sign to follow.  He remembered with a Spiritual memory, that's why his mind swirled through time when he saw my tag name on the dating site.  I had been prepared to do the move to his location, quit my long-term gov't job, sell my belongings and wait for the winds of the first big hurricane of the season to fill my sails to send me north, but ultimately, he felt it was right for him to retrace his journey to me, both of his airplane trip previously, and of so long ago, when he rode a real horse home from battle to to my waiting arms.  We are beyond happy to be together (again). The power of Raido can move mountains of obstacles and bring great changes for positive spiritual growth, as with them all, when your intent is in the right place.  I totally believe in the very real energies of the Runes, they are living things themselves, to be respected and honored.  They are so versatile, and can be used in so many ways, made of real magick. Raido brought us together like it always has, we were Spiritually ready, and our minds and hearts were open and receptive, and Raido made massive changes in our lives, all for the better.  I have found my soul-mate and Spiritual partner, I / we are so grateful to the All for all the gifts of abundance and Love and Light that have been given to us.  Thank you, and I hope our story provides some with insights and serves to illustrate the Truth of the Runes to those who may be seeking understanding.  There is one more important facet to this story.  All of us with a spiritual understanding have all heard of the magick of Wyrd and the (blue) web-lines of Wyrd that connect us all.  Electricity is always seen as "blue".  Almost everyone is now on the Web of the Internet and interconnected.  We feel that in very real way, the Wyrd is now utilizing the web of the Internet and it's electric lines of connection to reach people.  The magick of Wyrd and the energy of Raido brought us together in that moment on the Internet.  If we had lacked in faith, courage, or were stuck in the mundane understanding of life, we would have ignored the signs presented to us and let the moment pass us by.  The lesson is we must be alert, aware, and open to the messages of the Runes and other Spiritual signs, in whatever way they come, always.  Stay conscious in every moment.  People stuck in the mundane flow through their life like zombies, and have no realization how they are creating their experience, and can simply change it at will.  The Truth is simple, profound, and amazing.  People sometimes try to make living this life as a "Spiritual Being having a (human) life experience" as something incredibly difficult, intellectualize it to the nth degree, and it truly is not just for the Masters.  Certainly there are levels of attainment, and as a physical earthly energy, we can only get so far up the branches or levels of the Tree of Enlightenment, but anyone, everyone, can open their life to the Spiritual Truth, easily, today.  That's the most important realization you can make, is that you also are a Spiritual Being and can create with your thought, intent, and action too.  So Mote It Be.

You should post this as a blog, it's a great story worth being highlighted!


What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it!

I'm at the start of a new beginnings with someone special. Our meetings are surrounded by so much synchronicities, a bit like you describe. That you post this just before I would see her again.... Thanks :-)


I teach and practice Mindfulness. This is all about be aware and awake in this moment. This moment is ALL there truly is. I feel deep peace and a still awareness when I practice Mindfulness with eyes closed in a more formal meditation. I feel alive and connected to everything when I practice Mindfulness with eyes wide open. It's dropping in our lives. You will notice all the sights and sounds. The awareness that you're sailing along on a living space ship on the best ride ever. This all feels like Raidho to me.

Hey Lonnie! Haven't seen you around in a while, good to know you're still visiting :)

Raidho as a rune for mindfulness: Yes. I like that. If Ansuz is the chatter of the storytelling mind, Raidho is the silence that attention causes.

Thank you, Tyriel! I got busy with my site/project and learning how to be a full time dad.

I feel acceptance is a part of Raidho as well. I can't come up with my reasons just yet. I'm thinking of Acceptance as taught in Acceptance Therapy. Hmmmm.... requires more thought.


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