Hi Everyone~

I've been pulling a Rune every other day since I joined and have discovered that there doesn't seem to be a flow of understanding by doing this method.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I'm going to start with Fehu and go in order to Othala...I'll see how that works.

I'm enjoying the site and what everyone has shared.


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It needs time and the will to find your own way. As opposed to a lot of things we should comply for the sake of our community consistence, discovering the world's greatest mysteries involves doing it so by following our own flow of thoughts. At the beginning at least.

If drawing or following the regular sequence does not seem to work, don't push it this way. Reconsider. Try to move vertically (Fehu - Hagalaz - Tiwaz - Uruz - ...). Try to study the runes that shape particular words that are important to you, eg P-A-S-T (Perthro, Ansuz, Sowilo, Tiwaz). Try whatever feels right to you. You can handle other people's ways as proposals you could evaluate and decide whether they resonate well with you.

Seek, seek, seek, ...       It is the attitude that makes the difference. 

Thanks Manos~

These are fantastic suggestions and I'll keep flowing with what feels right to me as well...I really like the idea of words that are important to/for me-sort of like Runic Acronyms.

I came across an article about the Days of the Week by Ensio Kataja...what is recommended is working with Runes associated with the different days of the week.  For Freya's/Frigga's Day, work with Fehu...it's also suggested that Perthro may work well with Frigga...I'll see how this goes.


One thing that has worked well for me is to ask the runes to teach me about the runes. I n this I will take a rune and then ask.... What can you tell me about this rune? then I will draw three runes and see how they reflect on the rune in question. I might ask another divination set to also chime in, such as the I-Ching or Tarot. 

Another way that I have found very useful is to simply look into the depths of a given rune. So Isa for example is at its root a rune of Ice. By going to Wikipedia and reading up on ice, the different aspects of the rune shine through. So with Laguz you would learn about water, flow and fluid dynamics. Each of the runes can be studied in this way. 

Also keep in mind that your intuition and insights into the runes are as valid as anyone else, there are no experts in this. You and you alone are the expert of your own perception and experiences, only you can validate your own truth. You are the arbitrator of your own divinity.  

Thanks Loclynn-

I just tried using my Tarot deck to see what came up for Fehu...Protection-Movement-Love...and it goes deeper with more contemplation.  

I'll read up on fire once we get back from a play date.  Using the runes to spell FIRE...Fehu-Isa-Raidho-Ehwaz...very cool...err hot.  :)


I run a rune study group at the shop that I work, Well of the Moon in Las Vegas, and the format that I use is out of Diana Paxson's "Taking up the Runes". She suggest that you study them in pairs starting at Fehu and Uruz working all the way through to Dagaz and Othala, and in my experience that works the best. I would also highly suggest getting the book because of the way she presents the information in the chapters, she gives you the order, how to pronounce it, a quick meaning and then presents the ancient interpretations which are derived from the rune poems and other sources such as the sagas, she then moves to what the modern commentators have said about it and ends the section with how to use and interpret the rune in a reading or a magickal context.

In addition to Paxson's work, I also find supplemental material from different websites, like Runesecrets and Sunnyway, to give more depth to the classes.

Thanks Ayrion-I placed Diana Paxton's book in my Amazon cart...and I'll try the pair study method as well...it sounds fun and interesting.

Thanks for the suggestions...everyone's ideas are wonderful and helpful.


There is a meaning embedded in the sequence that helps understand the runes as a whole. Also, from the website statistics, it seems a lot of people prefer to learn about them in order, instinctively.

Doing things randomly gets random results. Which is great if you want to break yourself out of a pattern! Not so much if it is a pattern you seek. Let us know how it goes Lisa, would you? Your thoughts would be appreciated on the site!

Thanks Tyriel~I will...I have figured out that I learn better with patterns at first...so I'll go from there. L&L~Lisa

I do think you a right about there being embedded meaning. It feels to me as if one is pulled along from 1st to last to pick up a rhythm within. I tried, at first to pick one at random and it really just got confusing so then I did it in sequence. Much better.

I next moved onto  little cards, that I had printed as a 3 card reading and then I drew three cards each day and then wrote down what I got and how they relate to each other. It is interesting to look at them later as I have learnt more.


I would start by learning the anglo-saxon rune poem. 

Thanks Jean Pierre

Hi, Lisa.  I'm new to this group, and new-ish to the runes, so I don't have a long standing method from which to advise you.  However, for me, I started out by reading everything I could find on the topic.  It's interesting; there are so many websites with definitions, and although they all start out the same, with the basic concept, the interpretations are so varying.  Rather than finding this confusing, though, I find that it adds to the layers of meaning each rune has.  As though each one is a dish, and each time someone points out a different ingredient, it adds another subtle hint to the flavor. 

Since I noticed your discussion a few days ago, but didn't actually read it; I just noticed you saying you were randomly drawing as a method of study.  I thought to myself, what an interesting idea.  So I asked the runes which one wanted to be introduced to me, then drew before bed.  As I was trying to sleep, I went inside myself, then went down into the Earth, coming out into a large, round chamber with 24 doors spread out around the room, with the runes in order across.  I went through the corresponding door to my draw, and must have fallen asleep sometime after that.  When I woke up in the morning, though, I realized I had really good recall of my dreams, and they were related to the rune I had drawn. 

I don't know what time of day you were doing your practice, but maybe trying this would be helpful to you.  Maybe it won't, and this method just won't resonate with you in any way, but; either way, I wanted to let you know that you inspired me.  So, thank you.


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