In order to create an account, you now need a Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Yahoo account. You cannot create an account without one. There have been spammers who were exploiting the sign-up process somehow, so I removed their ability to do so. I'd rather not have to heavily moderate anything, and they were spamming people's profile pages with messages saying they were a girl, and that they'd send photos.

A little heads up: Real girls will never do this. :P

It's a robot, and don't contact them.

Members who have created accounts without Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo will still be able to sign in, but no new accounts can be created without first being a member of one of their sites.

Hopefully this will solve the problem and keep things personal in the community, the way we like it!



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It's a shame that this has to happen, but very understandable. Moderating is tiresome and you are not online 24/7. Better safe than sorry. After all, if even one of the members shares credit card info or something else it's worse than having to verify your 'humanity' by giving your facebook, twitter, yahoo or Gmail.

Thanks for the heads up.  Thought someone was trying to be mysterious, but than again.  Ignored the offer for the picture part.  Reflecting on that should have set off red flags.  Will make sure there will be no contact with the bot.

I had the same thing happen to me, and I was pretty sure it was fake, but she said she "needed my help" so I figured I would use my fake email account that I keep for just such occasions.  Never heard back from "her" though, so...Disaster averted, I suppose.  Thanks for working to keep the site free from this sort of thing.


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