The Winter Solstice is viewed as a time of divine birth; the re-birth of light as the days begin to lengthen after the Solstice.

Jara is a rune of completion, marking the winter solstice The end of the old year and the beginning of the new. It's shape represents 'looking back at the old year and forwards to the new'. This is a good time to feel any imbalance and seed now what is needed to harvest it complete in spring.

Happy holidays all and an excellent new year!!

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Yes well said. Over the past few months I have been point folks to look at the two types of time represented by the Runes Jera jeraand Eihwaz ihwaz. Jera is the cycle of death and rebirth all the mythologies surrounding the seasons can inform our deeper understanding of Jera. Eihwaz is that long line of experience that stretches back and down into the depths of human and personal history and that is the foundation of the present circumstance of this NOW in which we have all played our part and the branches that reach into a future not yet fully formed. Jera is the rune that builds the rings in this tree.   At this time of year I and millions for put up the Christmas tree, to me this tree is Yggdrasil. Its many trinkets and sparklers  are symbolic of the world that emerged out of the human imagination.  Blessing to all and may 2012 bring an archaic revival of renewal and hope for all of life. 

Thanks to both of you for your pots, Sigha & Loclynn. 

I especially resonate with the notion that Jera is a marker of natural cyclical time while Eihwaz is linked to the linear motion of human history, Loclynn, and that the two are elements within our western understanding of time. When thinking about my own childhood I can see how I thought of time in a linear sense melding  it with history an this giving it a foreseeable origin and eschatology. I feel some how that this is a mistake, to confuse time and history. In this sense it could be that history, though, is only a single part on the nine worlds of Yggdrasil. 

I had always though of Jera as the marker of the harvest - the end to which all the previous labor and sowing had been for - but I like your interpretation as well, Sigha. It seems a bit more prevalent to my life & there for more modern. 

Cheers -

When planting a seed it can grow to become its best potential. Jara & eoh hold the center of where everything shapes and forms in its own individual way. The range in where they work together is as great as how the universe unfolds diversity. Jara can lock the end or start up many things while eoh holds that what has been ( history ) and a new potential ( future ) as jara spins the present around the energy of eoh. Time does not exist in the present moment it only occurs when we bring personal meaning to it. ♥ 

Welcome to the community Brynte

Right - glad you got my meaning. When writing from your phone it's hard to get what you want across. ;D

In my blog on Jera I go into this idea of time as an opening to a much deeper conversation on  Time and our relationship to it. 

Thank's! I'll be sure to.

In My Blog on Eihwaz I explore the idea of the historical self and the development of the individual. This view of time is one that stretches back and reaches foreword. One might imagine it as a tree with its roots reaching down into the past and its branches up into the future. The trunk then being the Now and this part of the Now might be read through Jera as the wheel of experimental knowledge. History is a fussy abstract idea whose truth is subjective.  Because of this one is able to draw on it like a canvas. Reaching into it to draw out a personal mythology of self. This can be a much more empowered self then the one that is projected on to us by our world of influence. 

A sense of self worth and self relevance can be re-articulated. Hanging on that same tree of discovery one can find ones own runes of enlightenment. 

Who is Odin? Sacrificing himself unto himself he finds runes of knowledge, Tools of communication, the medium of communion. Language is divine the world is made of description. Runes are the power to articulate what has not yet been said. 

What about Dagaz? In my runecasts it has tended to indicate developments coming up same day or up to 2 or 3 days ahead.

Hiya Katie.

Tyriel discribed the dance between dagar and jara very well on this page :

You perhaps like to have a look there ;).

@Katie: Dagaz in a rune reading could also represent events occurring regularly on a daily cycle, especially habits that are 'present but not perceived'. By themselves the habits are invisible, but because they are daily habits they have a powerful impact on our existence.

Like Jera, Dagaz is a cyclical rune, unlike Jera, Dagaz focuses on a 'point of poise' within the cycle (something 'everyday' Day/Daily), rather than the cycle as a whole (or Year).

Interestingly enough, Zen holds that the ordinary day, fully lived, is enlightenment. Dagaz to me represents this paradox at its most realized.

Many thanks, and I'm getting a copy of your book.

I know you'll just love it! :)


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