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I've been all over the place with this... I have drawn just one rune, for the day, many times. When I started I drew them out and laid them down in tarot like spreads.

At the beginning of the year, I have drawn all 24 and read them in tandem with what would be in that spot (i.e. draw the first rune, and read it in conjunction with Fehu, draw the 2nd rune and draw it in conjunction with Uruz etc).

Many time I will take them all in my hands and drop them onto a cloth, remove the ones that land facedown, and then read the rest based on where they are in relation to others etc. Frequently I will "accidentally" drop one or two of them before I intend, and those I ALWAYS read. This is probably the most "complex" way I read them, but it also seems to give me a more complete answer. I have thought about a cup, but I like to feel them in my hand.

Before I do ANY of this though, I make sure that I am grounded and in a place that I can listen. It isn't always quiet, externally, but I quiet my mind and make sure I can listen.

Day's and night's rune is a method I use quite often.


Sometimes I draw 3 runes for Past - Present - Future or Cause - Event - Consequence.


My favourite method is one I was inspired by Kaedrich's book but it is somehow complex. I am preparing an article where I explain the background and, of course, the method.

I like to draw three and then I will use an online random generator to contrast my three picks with I-Ching and Tarot cards. If the issue is still unclear or if i am very fascinated by a finding I will pick up a book of my shelf and randomly open it. It might be the Koran, Prose Edda, Animal Totems or even something as mundane as a news paper.
Loclyn: I am confused. Are you saying that if your issue is unclear you grab a book at random to shed light on the issue you are drawing about? That is how I am reading it, but I wanted to double check.

By doing it that way, then you approach the draw with the question, more or less, with a "tell me what I need to know..."instead of a specific question. Is that correct? (That is usually what I ask, but in my case I have found the answer I get often makes the subject matter very clear to me, then again I haven't cast runes for anyone else in I can't say how long).

I like that idea of a random cross referencing for additional clarity. Something I sometimes do myself, although I am more prone to watch for random things in my environment (car, building, billboard, animal, etc) to inspire that additional moment of clarity.


I'm a huge fan of the 9 Rune cast, selecting a random 9 and then casting onto a cloth and reading from there. I discard anything that falls off the cloth, but runes that land upsidedown, I interpret as hidden/unmanifest/uncounsious energies, depending on the context of the reading.I find for me, it's the best way to let the depth of the runes shine through (although it gets difficult to decipeher when all 9 runes are involved.)  And I agree with winter.skadi, when a rune "accidentally" drops out of the bag, it's usually trying to say something.



What I mean is that I take my three runes and relate them randomly to a book paged at random. My questions are mostly requests to teach me... So say I pull a rune and after thinking about its meaning I might grab my Bible or Koran and say "Teach me more about this rune" or maybe I want to know about its energy I might pick a book of my shelf on physics or animal totems. I don't often read runes for others as I no that my reading would be only psychoanalysis of that person based on the runes and I am a good shrink so it leave people thinking that I have secret powers. I don't like that as it is dishonest. If the person is dedicated to learning the runes then I am happy to do readings with them, but not for them. 

Loclyn, thanks, I understand that better now. I agree that it is not a "secret power" though I can see why people view it that way. A lot of people with a high intuition are viewed that way, so when you can tap into that, it makes sense that people would jump to that conclusion... when really that information is out there for anyone to try to access it. Some folks just tap into it, and others don't.

Kjolig, I will have to try looking at the runes that land "down" as something that is hidden from me. I haven't always used all of the runes when I cast, sometimes I have used an undetermined amount of them based on which ones I felt like I should have been pulling out. (all the more reason I probably should have paid more attention to them when they landed "down.")
Indeed, It is always good to consider a new aspect to our divination methods, and allow them to change and grow with our knowledge of the Runes.  A while ago I found a diagram of a casting cloth that was divided into the 9 worlds for an in depth interpretation of where and how the Runes land, which could potentially change the entire way I cast the Runes (if I could only  remember what the heck I did with it).
:lol: You should share it if you ever find it!

I have considered doing something to the cloth I use, but I haven't at this point. I guess before I alter this particular cloth in any way it needs to be something "worth it" to me. Although part of me knows that the stones and cloth are really just tools to allow my inner dialog a medium to communicate with me and aren't *truly* necessary (after all the runes are "inside" as much as they are "outside" IMO), the cloth I use was one of my dad's handkerchiefs. He died several years ago. It is that connection to my dad that makes the cloth itself special (though I also certainly do not think he is fettered to it or anything). Still that weak mortal side of me still holds onto that concrete piece of something.

Though I certainly could also put something else over that cloth without altering it. I have thought about that too. Again, an overlay is just an aide, but that is why we have them isn't it?

Aids are important.  We all need help to get were we are going, from ourselves and those around us. How frustrating would it be to hear "Ok the answers are already in your mind somewhere.....go find them" without any further assistance.  It's also interesting to me the different contexts that diferent "aids" will colour the information we are trying to receive.


And I'll make sure to post a blog when I locate that mysterious diagram!

"How frustrating would it be to hear "Ok the answers are already in your mind somewhere.....go find them" without any further assistance."

LOL You mean you got more direction than that initially?? ;)

That is true different aides will colour the message... after all, it is all an interpretation of energy isn't it? Not only the message has energy, but the tools and the practitioner as well.

These are good lay outs but in order to really benefit you need a deep immersion in the nine world metaphor.   


Ten Archetypal worlds is an intressting idea.


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