Hello again all :)

Its been a while since I have posted here. I thought I would share an old Bind Rune that has been newly reformed. This was remade, and I think finally, make sense :) .

Eihwaz the World Tree. We stand and this is All. Above as so Below. From the Self (Isa) we reach out to the heavens and through our Roots we are grounded.

Sowelu Divine Knowledge Drawn down from the sun through the Leaves of the Eihwaz, absorbed in to the Self.

Crossing the trunk of the Great Tree, Illuminating the Self from all angles 

Being Drawn down into the Roots to give stability and Grownding

Gebo the Sharing of Knowledge to Accept what is given and learned. The great Gift, the Balance of Polarities Embracing that Knowledge 

The Rune of Focus.

And underneath it all there is an odd Rune shape that is left ... it reminds me of Wunjo in both aspects, upright/reversed ... joy/pain.... knowledge being at the center ?

Also looks like Berkanna that is twisted about the axis of Isa, I haven't put that much thought about what this may symbolize... but I wanted to share the perspective in the event that others do

Enjoy, thanks for sharing with me :)

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Exalen so moving on Birch mother earth twisted as her rotation is polar opposite north and south. between the sun and the gebo we see the hourglass Deguz in the equator the balance of time 12 for the day and 12 for the light  with each arm of the sun extending all the way up through the  P at the top and its other arm through the P at the bottom thus reminding us that dualism has the effect of reality in every day practice but it its self is an illusion. Finally in the mix of it all I see a numerological factor as well in the there are four small X and one large  Four being the number of seasons, Tarot suits, Ritual tools and basic elementals  Each little X is tacking its place around the wheel North, South, East,West and the larger five indicating the Spirit that is the source which draws these elementals together in the creation of all that is "The unnamable god whose understanding is both outside of and before all that is created and thus can never be fully articulated"  And yet in its self it gives us both its secret name and is merciful character To give the giver and the giving which is the only salvation there is for humanity. For without "LOVE" there is neither life nor freedom in our collective future. 

As Always, your insights are so profound and helpful. I never even saw Deguz in the last Rune, though now that you point it out, it makes sense and fits into the overall concept. I'm glad you commented on the  X's. I had noted them, but I didn't understand their significance as deeply as you have illuminated. Thank you again for sharing your perspective and you knowledge. I am very glad you chose to comment :).

In our dealings of the past I intuited then that you had tapped into a very deep and archaic art.  You had a keen insight into the language of trees and while I never said anything at the time I noted it in my Book of Grimm. It is a sacred gift to perceive the runes amidst chaos of all the background information. Slw caption photography shows clearly the intelligent movement of plants  and with our modern understanding of mycelium  the line between conscious  and nonconscious entities is becoming extremely blurred.  

That said lets take another look at this new rune  book you have brought to us .. I say book because like Hebrew runes are put together not to make strings of sound, but rather to create stings of meaning and again like Hebrew these meanings are not concrete, but are rather subjective and can be read in many ways or even have  meaning  that change from day to day. In this way the runes unlike the English aleph-bet; are a Living Text and constitute a mystic dialect.  It (Runes/Hebrew ) can speak to both the common and the personal alike. 

At the very hart of your bind rune is the Cross of Calvary that is it is the Need rune Nauthiz. it is a rune of death a place of deep trouble  and of significant change. A rune of transcendence. Gebo is pasted directly over the cross giving us the Hagalaz in the form of the younger Futhark it points not to a storm of the past but, rather to the one coming and to its presence in the world now.  Here too in the center of the rune is Dagaz clearly indicating that the Hour is now the time is short, but note that Dagaz emerges Not out of Nauthiz nor Hagalaz but rather He is the product of the Sun. She  Sowilo is she whom we are turning against us as climate change becomes more tangible each year. It is a form of Loki that  like all the Gods resides with in each of us, in whom we each must transmute . A form of Ragnarok is upon us now in this hour. and the tragedy is seen in the Birch rune as we see it is the womb that is inverted, showing us that the Birth is in breach. Pointing out that both she (the Earth ) and Her Child (Life)  could both die..

All this is bad and yet if you look closely you see a hidden rune amongst all the chaos. There in the mist is Algiz . Algiz is a misunderstood rune by most of us, as we see in it not its true meaning but shadows of it.  The word Elk has attached itself to the rune over time but its true meaning is Medicine There are fourteen verities of swamp thistle in Europe all of them medicinal in addition to this is is the simple idea  of a pain giving plant such as Nettle, Devils club, Hathorne and many many more points to the true meaning of the rune. Herbal medicinals are almost always poisons. 

Thus Algiz is a rune of Healing and its Iconography as an agent of healing is nearly universal, it can  be clearly seen in the caduceus  the rod of Hermes Which to this day is still the universal symbol;e of medicine,

There is a powerful side of its nature as seen in the Trident of Neptune a study of which will bring you full circle  to the sanskrit त्रिशूल triśūla The trident represents the deity in  three aspects of creator, preserver and destroyer..

In the Rune Algiz and its placement we see that there is an answer to our dilemma. Its obvious iconography with the trident the, caduceus and even the Kundalini all point us back to our rightful relationship with nature. Back to a time when we understood nature to be an intelligent being. 

Like a seed we are ready to move out and populate new worlds, but we can not do so without first finding, holding and cherishing the world we have. It is true we had to separate from her in order to become a seed capable of moving life of of this rock and onto another, But ingrowing apart we have become ignorant of the true value of or first mother as well as having forgotten that ALL LIFE is our Kindred and must be seen in the same light of importance that we see ourselves in.  

I don't every really know how to start a response .. My thoughts want to start in the middle and work towards the end or the beginning ...

You are very correct in to intuit that I have a connection with Trees.. Its bizarre that I never really gave this much notice.. Kinda like wearing your favorite shirt only to be told it is a color that matches your personality perfectly... Even though you know the meaning of colors... it just never occurred to you to consider the color your favorite clothes. .

When I was younger I LOVED trees ( I still do) . I grew up in the back-woods of Tennessee and ALWAYS climbed trees. When I moved to Florida, I had/have a favorite Magnolia Tree that I always climbed ...I had/have some very special spiritual memories tied into that tree and she and I have an on going deal (to which others are not privy to ...) and I keep 9 of her seeds in a mojo bag around my neck (mojo bag is a new addition) ... all of this happened organically lol (yes the pun was Not intended) . I wanted to put the seeds around my neck but I didn't want to string them on a necklace because I needed to put other things with them that wouldn't be as easy to put on a necklace and I didn't want people seeing my "secretes" so I put them in a very small drawstring bag that has more or less gone unused for quite some time... and it all ended up on a string around my neck ... on of those spiritual epiphany moments... when you get so warped up in what you're doing and then you're done and come out of it and you look down and say "Huh...look at that ... Neat ".

So Yes it is Very fair to say that I have a strong affinity for Trees. I just never really noticed it... its very humbling to have this trait seen by others.. and I thank you for that gift of reflection ..

You have added such Depth and insight to this  work, I am truly grateful. I never even saw Algiz in the center.  Thank you for taking us on the journey with this story. I'm still rereading it to fully understand what you have seen and to see even more...

I along the axis of Isa, and through Sowilo is a twisted form of Mannaz...

Thank You :)

In my experience people tend to do many things with the runes to which there i little evidence they were ever intended to be used for. Even divinations is speculative, but if you think it out casting runes is a very primitive use of runes. Odin did not stumble on the runes, but rather through deep personal sacrifice called to them and out of the depths they revealed themselves. 

"Then I was fertilized and became wise;
I truly grew and thrived.
From a word to a word I was led to a word,
From a work to a work I was led to a work.

Socrates said, that the 'unexamined life is not worth living' when we can learn to discern the conversation of runes in the world around us we will see that they are a tool of self awareness. Trees want to talk to us, they have something to say, what they say is most often expressed in aesthetics. You can see the sadness of abused trees, those who have been planted without the forethought of Natural aesthetics. 


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