This bindrune is known as Aegishjalmur, the Helm of Awe, or the Helm of Terror. It is used as a powerful symbol of PROTECTION. It's primary use has been to protect and dominate in battle. It has been used to instill fear in your enemies, as well as conquer fear in your own mind. It was traditionally worn or inscribed on the forehead.

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I tattooed with Aegishjalmur and Vegvisir. I placed them on my feet to protect and guide my steps, literally and metaphysically. I feel that they have impacted me alot since i got them. I almost got lost once in the past year since I have had them, but quickly foundmy way again. I was in a big city going somewhere I'd never been before. They are so powerful and lovely to behold. I am really glad I made the decision to get it done. I am very pleased with the results.

I have been thinking of doing the same thing except I was going to put Vegvisir on the bottom of my feet. I think this is probably the better of the two ideas. I was thinking of putting Aegishjalmur on my shoulder(as I have an injured left shoulder and it's a rounded point on the body so it'd help accent that part of my arm) or left pectoral though. still working that one out. who knows maybe i'll end up matching you! haha but seriously thanks, i've been trying to get a visual of what these two would look like on feet before I went to go get them.

The red one looks painful at the taking of this picture.   Mystical and attractive feet !

This was taken only 2 days after the red tattoo was done. Hence the redness. It was also done a little heavy-handedly, so it scabbed quite alot. I am debating whether or not to touch it up.

Hehe, I haven't got this on my forehead but I have a pendant with this on it.  It was carved into bone and came  from Tibet - how would they use it? Isn't this also the symbol the singer Bjork has tattooed upon herself (arm?)? That is what I have heard also.

Yes, Bjork has the compass Vegvisir on her arm and sha has been quoted saying "It's so I don't get lost." The Aegishjalmur is the Helm of awe that would go on people's foreheads. It is something that could be put on with saliva before going into a trying situation...a discussion with someone you know who may try subconsciously or otherwise to harm you or influence your thoughts. I have used bindrunes applied with saliva only recently, but have found it extremely effective.

I do love me some aegishjalmur.  You can use it for more then just instilling fear, or dominating in battle I have found though. 

I have never tried using Aegishjalmur, but I'm willing to try it.

This is perfect timing ! I have had some very bad feelings about my twin sister since a dream I had the other night. So I will send her this Rune to use, drawn in Lotion, and in other things.  lol ..[thanks Esther for the idea ;)]

Does anybody have any REAL idea how and on what principles those aegishjalmur etc were built in the very first place? Does anybody know ANY meditative or other techniques bringing one to the state of consciousness to really devise a potent aegishjalm? Or does everybody simply go on blindly copying something they bumped into on the web or picked up from a commercial book by some jack-of-every-trade every-tradition-pays-off guy?

1) Real idea how and on what principles those aegishjalmur were built? Nope, I don't think anybody does.  As the Icelandic grimoires bare only a semblance of similarity to the medieval grimoires of mainland Europe, but with a unique Icelandic twist, the only way to figure out the REAL principles would be do as much study and research into both until you can reverse construct it, which may be at best an educated guess.

2) There are thousands of meditative and consciousness altering techniques out there.  Pick one.

3) funny, I don't know anybody who wrote about aegishjalmur's who is what you describe.  Maybe this only happens in Europe, which publishes many books that I don't have access to. 
Then of course considering how spotty most European traditions are, at best only being preserved as folklore or hidden in preserved books of antiquities collections that only give the outer and not the inner depth of any traditional European sorcery, it's really hard to say.  You could always seek to follow the directions given in the Icelandic grimoires that describe them and see if in the experience, you unlock some of the mysteries of it.

Thought id throw in an observation to compliment this.
 Relationships with the Runes on an individual basis are essentially a shamanic bond with another entity. It would make sense that two separate people using whichever technique they prefer could both build different bonds with the Runes. Even with the same rune.
  Therefore I would think that with careful exploration and counsel from others who have walked their own path before, and the counsel from the Runes themselves of course, one would develop their own technique and become quite skilled with it.
  I hope what I said makes as much sense here as it did in my head.


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