A funny thing happened when I was thinking about Bindrunes (its been on my mind lately) I was thinking about when I was younger and I had horrrrible self confidence issues, particularly with the lady folk. I was, literally, so oblivious that I didnt even realize when someone was throwing themselves at me.
Now, I know "love spells" are at best a thoroughly grey area and by that I mean usually a bunch of bad karma, however, I was wondering about a Bindrune to help a man develop confidence, which is magickal in its own right and a "clean" way of romantic seeking.

I came up with this guy:

Note that this isnt drawn so well. and is not "charged" as it were. However it was designed with the thought of aiding fellas lacking in self confidence in the tumultuous field of romance.

The original runes originally intended were:

Fehu. For the uplifting and creative energy as well as the "self value" one may feel when working with Fehu, as well as the gravitas and primal energy drawn into a persons life by Fehu.

Uruz: for Virility, vitality, connection to primal power and manifestation as well as the self understanding that can emerge. I feel that the manifestation aspect is important since it is a lasting change a person would be hoping for.

Thorisaz: for breaking down the barriers created by the lack of self confidence, the increased potency and prowess couldnt hurt either I would think. Thorisaz I feel is also tempered a bit by its gathering and focusing the energies involved in this Rune and cutting through the crap of low self value.

Ansuz for the transformation of consciousness involved in the development of confidence as well as "finding ones voice"

Laguz: for the emotional and subconscious issues that give rise to a lack of self worth and the increase in personal power.

A few Runes appeared on their own:

Nauthiz: I felt that Nauthiz appeared both in the aspect of the Need for self value as well as the Need for love from others. I feel it is also there to demonstrate the friction or resistance involved in breaking bad habits and developing self confidence in this most tricky of situations.

Tiewaz appeared and I think that is of extreme importance in that Tiewaz seems to be encouraging the use of this Rune in a legitimate function of self development as opposed as used to sway others illicitly(and lets face it, some people would try)

Kenaz appeared as well and I think that Kenaz is there in the sense of "shedding light" on a persons truer self and self knowledge when the obstacle of low self value is removed.

Anywho, this was an interesting project that came to me out of the blue and I'm nowhere near skilled enough(I think) to try to charge or use this Bindrune, and I have no reason to since i moved past that stage in life quite some time back but I wouldnt mind some input from others on the validity of my interpretation, and whether it would be of use to anyone else. If you like it or feel im waaaaay off on something please let me know!

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So, I think this bindrune is a good jumping off place for anything.  I disagree with your statement about Karma, or love spells being a grey area.  It certainly depends upon the kind of love spell you're doing for one thing certainly just a vigil light for true love is pretty nice and uncomplicated vs a "LOVE ME OR DIE" spell that I know of.  Also, technically speaking from a view of Hinduism/Buddhism every action that is not aligned with dharma brings karma, so even this post can bring you karma, and technically all karma is bad, as it keeps you in the cycle of reincarnation, at least from the hindu/Buddhist philosophy.


but anyway, I recommend that if you use this bindrune, you should also go pick up a book called "The Game"  It's a work of non fiction, where the author discovers a once underground world of Pick up Artists (men who specialize in developing skills in picking up women) and how it transforms him from shy, reluctant and social awkward, to socially capable, confident, and masterful guy, who does end up with the girl in the end.  You can get a lot of ideas on how to become skillful, and I think this bindrune would also work well with that kind of learning.



  The Karma comment was too casually spoken, I get your point though and ill post more eruditely in the future, particularly on such a complicated subject. I tend to view "Love Spells" as an action cast upon another to bring about "romantic" intention. From my point of view that is pretty much "Black Magick"  or just generally a really bad thing to do, since it would deprive someone of their choice to be involved or not.
  On the other side, a spell to make oneself more attractive or confident or an invocation to bring love into your life freely would not influence a person unduly in the sense that "Free Will" wouldnt be taken away. Generally I dont call those Love Spells so much as Confidence spells or Seeking Spells(as in Seeking Love") but really thats just a matter of opinion on verbage.

 To clarify on your second paragraph, this is not for me. It was just an experiment I thought I would get feedback on. I have skimmed that book though and it seems to be pretty solid advice if morally tangled (again, my point of view) Funny thing though. After just working this BRune out, even without casting it, I have noticed the number of Significant Looks by many different ladies have increased by quite a bit. This has been confirmed by friends and my Girlfriend, so it looks like its a winner as far as that goes.

 I appreciate your response, thank you.



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