"Hungarian runes(Székely Rovásírás) are descended from the Kök Turki script used in Central Asia. They were used by the Székler Magyars in Hungary before István, the first Christian king of Hungary, ordered all pre-Christian writings to be destroyed. In remote parts of Transylvania however, the runes were still used up until the 1850s. Hungarian runes were usually written on sticks in boustrophedon style (alternating direction right to left then left to right). The runes include separate letters for all the phonemes of Hungarian and are in this respect better suited to written Hungarian than the Latin alphabet. "

Hungarian Runes

Turkish Runes

The upper rune rows are the Elder Futhark variants. The lower rune row shows the Turkish Runes and their phonetic equivalents.

Turkish runes



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Etymological research is basically the 'history' of words and it is quite cross cultural. I'm not going to go into too much detail in this post, although you give a great idea for further exploration on the novice level. It is important to understand etymology's methods when dealing with language. The people who used the Elder Futhark and other futharks throughout the centuries moved around, left changes -- and slowly but surely language changes and evolves, as does meaning.


Read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etymology to begin, it's a great introductory to the methods.


As far as anthropology is concerned, when you study the Eddas with the intent of learning about the people whose myths those are, you are engaged in a form of cultural anthropology, and archaeology is also a sub-discipline of anthropology. I highly recommend learning the basics of this field as well. It will help you envision how the science is done.


What you have to understand, I think -- and it may sound like foolish arrogance rather than wisdom but I assure you I say it with utter sincerity -- the people with which the runes originated pre-200 CE (the Heruli, it is believed, but again, evidence only suggests) 'made them up'.


If we are to be a part of the magic, we must embrace that fact. It is fair to play by the rules and respect the traditions they set down -- so much as we can find them or guess at them -- but the rune master (erilaz) has uncovered a special relationship with the ancient oracles, shamans and magicians, one of equality.


Think on that carefully when you contemplate final authority! It is often taken by those who dare. ;) 

The Heruli certainly must have had some interactions of consequence with the wisdom of Athens, Greece -- possibly as critics and opponents, but certainly there would have been some meaningful exchange.

Hmm interesting, I missed the question about Heruli somehow. I know that they were settled here where I live now , and were pretty much moving around this area all the time.

I heard that they were known to be wise people and skilled with magic.For someone who was wise and smart was said that he is an "erilar" among folk.

It is also interesting that in traditional patterns on clothes I saw runes and runic like patterns. I will try to find out something more about it. For some reason info on Serbian is very limited about it.



Seems like it is limited info on them in general. I will try to ask somebody competent about them. There are many runic findings here from the old times that remain a "mystery" not investigated enough. Only interpreted by people who know nothing or very little about runes.

This one is found at village Jovanica in Serbia carved into a tip of the spearLittle letters below are some Russian guy's interpretation. There is this one 4 tone stone block that is found inside old church altar which also have runic markings.


Again with interpretation below, which is almost certainly not correct

Thanks, this kind of thing is fascinating to many people, myself most definitely included. I want to make sure useful comparisons of futharks and other alphabets don't get lost -- they are invaluable cross-cultural studies and promote a broader understanding of language and meaning in general.
What is this tas üzeri ? Is it a separate system or simply a comparison for this example.


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