Mani The Moon.

In the Norse mythos the moon is masculine and the Sun is feminine. While there is much written on the feminine Moon metaphor, in Wicca and other traditions, not much is left of Mani and His many secrets. I believe this is due to the persecution of feminine power in western Europe by a politically motivated  Holy Roman Empire (re-invented as the Holy Roman Church.)  Knowledge of Mani (the Moon) is vital to survival, this is the understanding of the natural world.

A part  of what we call civilisation has come from a spiritual and political divorce from nature. A part f this divorce came from the severing of access to the oral library of Western Europe.  The Bible, despite what one believes about it, is nonetheless a wholly Semitic text. It does not contain the tribal ideas of any of the northern or western peoples.  As such it denies a whole people in their origins and culture.  Culture is the collective identity of a people, to deny one of their identity is akin to erasing their memory.

That said this Group is meant to reacquire this lost oral tradition.  Post your ideas here and don't be afraid to re-imagine the memory that has been lost.

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Hororing Mani 1 Reply

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Mani Media

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Mani The Blood Letter. 14 Replies

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Comment by Phoenix Knor'malle on May 3, 2015 at 9:40pm

This is beautiful! I love this group. Mani is Magnificent. I use His power and energies to charge and cleanse items. I used to bask in His glory before I became too sensitive to do so. I love the Moon. I love all that He is. 

Comment by james juergensen on July 15, 2014 at 10:00pm

My biggest goal right now is to reconnect with my norse, celtic, viking, danish, ancestors, for i rejected this type of a life as a youth that my father wanted me to follow, so the process has begun, im on the path for as the moon began to chamge 3 months ago i did as well, so they found me. now i am getting visits in my dreams, studying the runes and understanding, so im need to finish the task

Comment by Silvio Moacir Peixe Alves on December 13, 2012 at 6:45pm

There are four Runes which have some relation with the Moon in my point of view of course: Fehu (cattle/fertility/luck), Algiz (elk/forests/old ways/other worlds), Berkano (birch goddess/tree/female) and Laguz (water/ocean/tides ruled by Moon).

Comment by Silvio Moacir Peixe Alves on December 13, 2012 at 6:37pm

I am a Wiccan priest and presided over a coven during a decade several years ago. Now I am a solitaire practitioner of the Old Ways, I feel free to search knowledge wherever I want. One thing we questioned in that coven was the assumption that Moon was female and Sun male. We agreed both Moon and Sun have female and male sides as all things in life have and that assumption was only a cultural point of view changing along eras. 

Comment by Loclynn on October 27, 2012 at 12:44pm

Ah the dichotomy of symbolism :) I too started with the wicca and celtic conception of a feminine moon. It was not until I picked up the runes that I ventured another view. Maybe our Neanderthal brethren passed this idea on to us as an epigenetic meem of cultural inheritance. Probably not, but we cant count anything out. ..When I came on the Nores idea of the moon; my mind was already colored in the wiccan ideal. I knew the church was at war with knowledge as they attempted to take control of western thought.after all the word Witch in English is related to the willow tree while the biblical word translated as Witch is related to pharmacy. Thus if Jesus is the healer then medicine is the work of the devil.

In the modern world the Devil has a look and we find Devil look in the traditions of Krampus,

Krampus is the darker side of christmas (a tradition having nothing to do with Jesus) Krampus is the monster in man he is the dark side of our evolution This wild side of the human animal mythicaly related to the full moon and is a krampus  trade mark of the moon. The full moon brings out the werewolf  We don't hear of meany she-werewolves or mad-women connected to the moon (not that it is impossible)   but rather because these are male traits in general.

During the rise of semitic influence throughout Europe the spiritual ways of the people were both marginalized by the influence of the church and prosecuted by the growing authority of the church.  At the same time women were being oppressed by the new religion in the same way a they are repressed in some extreme Islamic societies today.Thus the old religions went underground and there preservation in not widely found d in literature. The clues we have for reforming an understanding are cultural residue,, fairy tales, Nursery rhythms and card games.

A plane deck of cards is a lunar calendar and hides within it a framework on which Wicca is built.  One can ask questions like "Why is a penuchel the queen of spades and the jack of diamonds?"  That is the queen of swards and the page of pentacles or the feminine power of elemental aire and the unformulated manifestation of elemental earth. 

As we move into the age of Aquarius these dichotomies will be seens a related wholes within a larger context. So that both the masculine and feminine moon faces will bring with them their  whole body of symbolic evidence  into a singularity of perception. ... 

Comment by Francis on October 27, 2012 at 8:56am

As I keep "loud-mouthing" (so to speak, hehe) about how I consider the Moon feminine, and the Sun masculine, I think about Wicca where this is so. But is anyone away of a sort of NORSE WICCA, where the gender roles are reversed?

Comment by Francis on October 10, 2012 at 10:05am

Is there anyone Wiccan here who could give their opinion on a transgendered Moon? I just want to know! I want more input! Also, while I'm at it - just because we are here to discuss Runes - what Rune do you think might best be one to stand for the Moon, EVEN IF you don't believe there is a Moon Rune - I mean, if we should now pick a Rune to stand for the Moon, which one should it be? LAGUZ is what comes to my mind. Does anyone feel for this like I do? I think of the Moon reflected in the deep pool of LAGUZ... The depth of intuition is felt in the dark depths of fertile LAGUZ. In this way the Moon can be a sort of midwife between the harsh rays of the Raw Sun, as she (Luna/Moon) reflects these rays GENTLY from the Sun (SOWILO/Apollo) to the fertile gentleness of a still pond. The pond (LAGUZ) is still, so that many things fester in its depths - STEW in it, like the soup in a cauldron. The soup of life! (Perhaps I have said more about LAGUZ now than anything else.)

Comment by Loclynn on October 10, 2012 at 2:14am

:) I didn't write the rules in the mythology Mani is a dude :)  So for me then the next question is Why?  In the modern world the moon has less importance to daily life but his was not always the case.  Living as I do deeply embedded in nature I have the luxury of seeing the moon as a natural teacher of time.  That is the moon tell the timing of all or at least most visible biology. The moon has a rhythm like a sexual dance with the four alchemical aspects of reality. Earth (Lithosphere) .Water (Hydrosphere) Air (Atmosphere) Fire (Biosphere)This rhythmic movement plays  fundamental role in the diversity and complexity of life on the earth. From this view I can see the Moon dancing around his bride.

That said The moon as a She is also full of illumination.As we explore the dycotomy of duality we also must move tword a unification of understanding both genders as a whole. In this way one might see the moon as transgendered..   . 

Comment by Francis on October 9, 2012 at 7:34pm

@Loclynn: I think Tyriel got us right to the issue here: there is no Moon rune because the Moon is not a course. Of course, that is all apart from the issue of whether the Sun is male/female and Moon female/male. However, if you consider the feminine to be the RECEPTIVE, then - through considering how the Moon RECEIVES the light of the Sun - the Moon must be female, not male. I could continue with the graphic anatomical details that can explain how in this case the sunbeams would be, ahem - you get it... And this is why I think the Moon is female. Runically speaking - at least based on Tyriel's comment - I myself would conclude the Moon would be female, too - despite the fact of what the Vikings' language may have given in gender to the Moon or Sun.

Comment by Francis on October 9, 2012 at 7:30pm

@Tyriel: Thanks so much for that comment! I never thought of it that way. In other words, each of the runes represents a SOURCE of energy?


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Hororing Mani 1 Reply

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Mani Media

Started by sally Austin Jul 16, 2014.

Mani The Blood Letter. 14 Replies

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Chronobiology And your Moon.

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