A little primer before I get into the real thing. I'm sure that everyone here has heard of the term "chakra." Tyriel calls them "Hvel," and till now, have only seen the term used twice. Depending upon the tradition/lineage you've studied, there can be anywhere from 4-8 primary chakras along the spine in the body, not counting secondary ones like the ones on the palms of the hand and soles of the feet. Now, in Yoga as well as Tantra traditions, awakening the Kundalini power in your body is the secondary main objective. The Main main objective is Samaadhi, but I'm going to reserve that for a different discussion. Let's stick to chakras for now:

A Chakra/Hvel is a vortex/wheel/center of energy along certain points in the body. They govern the mental and physical aspects of that body part. There are primary and secondary chakras. The primary ones, as stated in the previous paragraph, are located along the line. Also stated above, that depending upon with tradition/lineage you study in, there'll be anywhere from 4-8 of them. The secondary ones are the ones on the palms and soles. Classically speaking, each primary chakra has a symbol, a color, and a sound that's associated with it. When opening chakras correctly, the symbol must be visualized at the location of the chakra, and the sound chanted, with a gentle focus and concentration. When each chakra opens, it's said that the Kundalini power flows upwards to it till it ultimately reaches the crown chakra, and then from there it's guided back down to the root chakra again to complete a circuit. Now, onwards:

I had an idea a couple of weeks back and brought it forth in a blog a couple of days back: What if it was possible to use Runic Energies alongside the classical yogic methodology, while preserving the core of both? What would the interaction be like? I had a spirited discussion with Loclynn and she's helped me think of a system which I'm developing, all credit to her, of course :-) In the meantime, I've got a symbol here. Take note, I'm not going to be uploading the chakras all in order. But here's the hybrid symbol for the 5th one, the chakra of sound and communication:

The 5th Chakra is called the Visshudha chakra in Sanskrit. It's Sky-Blue. The symbol is a flower with 16 petals with a downward facing triangle within, and in the center, is the sound "hum." Here's how I did the hybrid. Ansuz is the rune of sound, order, and communication as well, which compliments this chakra perfectly. So I replaced the 16 petals with the runes. The procedure in this case goes like this:

Step 1) Sit down in meditation and clear your mind and relax

Step 2) Visualize the symbol at your larynx, and chant Ansuz 16 times, once for each petal.

Step 3) Move yourself into the downward facing triangle. Chant "hum" 108 times. (I use 108 because there's 108 sacred names of god in Hinduism)

Step 4) Continue to silently and calmly visualize yourself at the center of the symbol.

Step 5) Take yourself out and envision the symbol as a whole again. Chant Ansuz 16 times again.

Step 6) Take a few deep breaths, clear your mind, and open your eyes.

Take it, experiment with it. See what experiences you guys have. And I'll share mine too.

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i really like your vision on the throat chakra combining yoga and the runes for a new aspect on how to meditate with them. looking forwards to your findings and further development for this group. much inspiration 2 you.

I'm working on a better system. Granted, it won't be for beginners as it'll take an understanding of traditional Yoga philosophy as well as a decent understanding and feel of the runes. But it sounds stable enough in theory and should work. And thanks :-)

Also, if you find the time, and are able to, experiment with it and see what happens :-)


meditation on the throat chakra reminds you that your voice, your words, are your will power manifested, because they produce physical reactions upon those the words fall on. Choose your words wisely, and carefully. The will travels through the heart chakra, where your feelings and emotions toward the object intertwine with it, changing it accordingly. So, if you're not aware of your emotions and will, you could end up hurting someone unnecessarily.

     On a larger scale, we know that according to physics, sound is nothing but vibration. Physics also tells us that all bodies vibrate at a certain frequency. A deeper lesson this chakra teaches us is harmony with the world around us through sound and vibration. How we're all just atomic particles vibrating in tandem and in harmony, and your false self/the ego, is really of no use here. 

Further: Clarity of voice comes with clarity of heart. Lies, deceptions, are usually voiced by a weak person, who's afraid of their ego getting shattered.Speaking clarity, always with the goal of establishing truth and harmony is the highest goal of this chakra.

really nice thank you for sharing your experience ;) i can resonate with your findings and my thoughts on this went on a facebook post i had done about chanting. i had included a video that shows the effect of sound that people may have on each other. i also had posted that video somewhere on the community as well but will paste the link here again to save search trouble ^^


Note this fragment of film starts with someone having a nasty fall.

I absolutely love the becoming of oneness with all people through sound. Very powerful ;)

Yes, if you use the chants wisely and properly, they can alone help you transcend/gain enlightenment. They're very powerful in themselves. I know that scientists around the globe are doing research on hos sound can aid the body in healing. I know that you can already break kidney-stones using sound. The effect of music on the mind is very apparent and known ever since music was created. And thanks for the link. It'd be cool if you shared your experiences too :-)


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