The Sixth chakra of the human body is called the Aagna chakra in yoga. It's also more commonly known as the Third-Eye to westerners. Here's the logistics:

Chakra: Aagna/Third-Eye

Location: Middle of the forehead/ Between the eyebrows

Symbol: A flower with two petals. The left one is "Hum," representing Shiv, and the right "Kshum," representing the unity between Shakti/Parvati, Shiva's wife and consort.

Chant/Mantra: Om (Pronounced as "ohm").

Tarot Correspondence: The High Priestess, 

Kabbalah tree of life correspondence: Da'ath.


- Power and control over thought.

- Opening of the third eye opens up various psychic abilities, like telepathy, and other "pathy's" and "kinesis's."

- The ability to see into the past, present, and future, also known as second sight.

Additional notes:

The word "aagnaa" means command. The chakra, then, aids us by helping us gain control over our thoughts, both logical, and fantastical. This is also the site where Shiv and Shakti come together in union, duality merging into singularity. This probably means focus, concentration, harmony between opposing thoughts in the mind, and calmness of mind.Dispelling of fears and doubts. Focus and concentration. Control over one's thought processes.

     In yoga, Shiv represents the yin aspect. He sits in constant meditation, and though he can be, he cannot create, although he can destroy. Shakti, Shiva's wife and consort, is the opposite of him. She's the creatrix, the world mother, of passion and emotion. Shiva keeps all of that subdued, and his wife embraces it.

So, I give Shakti the rune Sowilo, the sun, because her elemental association is fire, and is symbolized as the sun, what could be a better symbol? The sun represents passion, fertility, and life, and expansion, which is what shakti represents. I want to give Shiva the rune Laguz, for water, as water is connected to the moon. But then water can either move, or be still, so I'm considering Isa, which is always stillness. Stillness of mind, stillness of emotion, stillness of passion. Ice can be, but cannot create itself, it's created out of water. However, Shiva isn't as cold or as hard or brittle as ice, and hasn't built himself a prison like that for himself. He simply has mastery and control over himself, and chooses to be dormant and still.

In this picture I've uploaded, I've used Laguz to represent shiv, but I'm not satisfied. Can you guys offer any suggestions on runes/bindrunes to represent Shiv?

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If we take the position the nature is consistent in its design then it seems fitting that we map these two Lotus petal to the left right structure of the brain. The first question I would want to know is ...

Are the  two petals mirrored?  That is when the right brain acts it does so through the left side of the body. I have made the mistake of looking at 2-D images and not realising that they are transfers from true.So should I take the image (chakramulet2a.png) and lift it up to my for head to see the structuer or should I flip it around and hold it up to me forhead?  

The image is mirrored. so you'd have to flip it over. And yes, I did think of the two hemispheres of the brain :-)

I like to use the rune gebo to balance out both aspects to maintain a quite mind. I also have painted it on my "third eye" to banish negative energy back to its sender successfully as staying 100% focussed within works well to do so. Using 2 runes to attach to a hvel means greater understanding in how to balance the 2 runes used out. Sol (fire) and Lagu (water) in my opinion do not blend well as the one banishes the other...they are not meant to work together. My suggestion would be to use 1 rune for each hvel; when working with 2 polarities choosing a rune that is well balanced such as dagar, madr, gebo and such.

You're right. Gebo is a much better rune, because it symbolizes exchange of energies and harmony and unity between the two energies as well. How silly of me to have missed that. I didn't need to replace the classical letterings on the petals with runes because they already represented the forces of yin and yang. What I needed was to strengthen the harmony and unity between the two energies, and so Gebo would be enough.

Hi Sigha I wish I had a bit more time to dedicate to this subject.... I like your  idea of Gebo as well and just as a thought experiment we can look at Gebo as a bind rune of two Isa or of four kenaz. In this way we might think of the two hemispheres looking out through the eye/eyes in the same crossing over aspect the left brain working on the right side and vice versa. Or we might see the creative power of Kenaz emerging from each hemisphere  coming together in the third eye and creating a Gebo. we might even see this Gebo as the gift of perception or the door way to consciousness. 

It is the conversation that we have with our selves with in the mind that gives rise to vocalisation and articulation in the fifth house of the throat (Vishuddhi)  This articulation is the technology of manifestation. Voice alone creates patterns of geometry that we can see at the Newtonian  scale. How these patterns shape the quantum scale is still unexplained as far as I can determine. At any rate one might be tempted to think of Ansus as expressing the fifth Chakra, but here it seems to me that flow (Lugaz) would workin that the flow of thought to speech is fluid. On the other hand if the flow is gibberish then it is of little value and so a Rune like Ehwaz would suit this Chakra better in that the two mid and voice working together equals power and Ehwaz is a bind rune of Lugaz. 

oooh, I like your idea of using Gebo as a "bridge" in a bindrune between Kauna/Sowelu and Laukr/Isa. I also like your thought of finding ways of making runic "bridges" between the chakras, to make the ascent of shakti safer and more focused through the spine. Though the sixth chakra is purely concerned with the mind, thoughts, ideas, and knowledge, and control thereof, the energies cascade downward (Hence the downward facing triangle) into the Visshudha (5th chakra) and the Anahat (4th) chakra, and the 3rd, and so on and so forth. It's something that I should start thinking about too.

The next two chakras  seem to me to be a bit tricky as there are two very similar types of communication. The heart is associated with love and thus emotion, but the stomach actually does have its own brain . We all have experienced it to some degree as we often will have a Gut Feeling. This intuition as well as our emotional attachments will affect  the brain and thus mouth. parsing what falls under gut and  heart information will take some contemplation. 

So intuitively we make reference to these two modes of knowing. Thus we make statements like " I just knew in my heart he was the right one" or "I just had a gut feeling about the man"   Even though we know intellectually that we think with the mind nonetheless we do not associate emotions with the mind.    we never say "You broke my brain"                                                                                                                                                                         

Hmm. I always perceived the energy of the chakra to be one of power. Not power as in destructive or manipulative force, but power as is self-reliance, confidence, one who's centered and in touch with his primal and deeper self. So in connection to the heart chakra, would view it as unconditional self-love and acceptance.

Intuition, to me, is a part of the unconscious mind, a database of experiences and knowledge to draw from.

Would not the primal and deeper self live with in a contextually rich and complex world (perception) as the mundane self? 

Self reliance is as much an action as it i a state of awarness. Knowledge is power application is process.

Just thinking in text :) 

I'm sorry, I got confused last night. Not thinking straight, family emergency. Recalling my martial arts background, our sensei always taught us to draw power from our stomachs and diaphragms rather than our chests and backs like most people do. I've always equated this chakra with raw power, whether physical, spiritual, or mental. And the strongest power requires a balanced body, mind, and spirit. Hence I allot the rune Thurisaz to it.

I think we should  take a look at the physiology of the brain if form follows function then it seems to my that the spiritual body should follow the same form as the physical body. and if not it is still easier to follow a subject if one has a model to work with. 

"Ajna is white in colour, with two white petals. Inside the pericarp is the Shakti Hakini, who is moon white, with six faces, and six arms, holding a book, a skull, a drum, a rosary, and making the gestures of granting boons and dispelling fears. Above her is a downward pointing triangle, within which is a moon-white lingum. In some systems the deity Ardhanarishvara a hermaphrodite form of Shiva-Shakti, symbolising the primordial duality of subject and object, resides within the lingum. Above the triangle is another smaller triangle, within which is the bija mantra Aum"

Is it possible to parse the parts of the brain such that they find representation in this image? Is the voice in our heads a mirror of/or image of an inner Shiva-shakti? 

Yes, of course. The deity Ardhanarishvara is what I've been going on about up till now, lol. Not only does Ardhanarishvara represent the duality among things, the deity also represents the harmony that's prevalent between the dual aspects. Hence this chakra's major Arcana is the High Priestess, because she represents exactly this. 

In the body, the corresponding body part in the brain would be the Corpus Callosum, as it is responsible for communication between the two hemispheres so that the body can function in balance and harmony. 

The duality we're speaking of currently would be the mental-physical aspects of the body. If the mind and body are in balance and harmony, one can sit in meditation for longer periods of time, along with steadier meditation sessions. These steadier meditations will allow the yogi/ni to look deep within his/herself to envision and catch that "divine seed," or the Shekinah, or brahman, or the great spirit present in oneself.

Back to the aagnaa chakra. This reveals to us the beauty of the harmony and duality within us, and consequently, all around us (As above, So Below, So Below, As Above), as represented by Ardhanarishvara. I don't know much about the Hakini (Or any of the dakinis, for that matter) to expand on and talk about them, lol.

Which is why Gebo is an excellent rune representative of this chakra. 


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