The Sixth chakra of the human body is called the Aagna chakra in yoga. It's also more commonly known as the Third-Eye to westerners. Here's the logistics:

Chakra: Aagna/Third-Eye

Location: Middle of the forehead/ Between the eyebrows

Symbol: A flower with two petals. The left one is "Hum," representing Shiv, and the right "Kshum," representing the unity between Shakti/Parvati, Shiva's wife and consort.

Chant/Mantra: Om (Pronounced as "ohm").

Tarot Correspondence: The High Priestess, 

Kabbalah tree of life correspondence: Da'ath.


- Power and control over thought.

- Opening of the third eye opens up various psychic abilities, like telepathy, and other "pathy's" and "kinesis's."

- The ability to see into the past, present, and future, also known as second sight.

Additional notes:

The word "aagnaa" means command. The chakra, then, aids us by helping us gain control over our thoughts, both logical, and fantastical. This is also the site where Shiv and Shakti come together in union, duality merging into singularity. This probably means focus, concentration, harmony between opposing thoughts in the mind, and calmness of mind.Dispelling of fears and doubts. Focus and concentration. Control over one's thought processes.

     In yoga, Shiv represents the yin aspect. He sits in constant meditation, and though he can be, he cannot create, although he can destroy. Shakti, Shiva's wife and consort, is the opposite of him. She's the creatrix, the world mother, of passion and emotion. Shiva keeps all of that subdued, and his wife embraces it.

So, I give Shakti the rune Sowilo, the sun, because her elemental association is fire, and is symbolized as the sun, what could be a better symbol? The sun represents passion, fertility, and life, and expansion, which is what shakti represents. I want to give Shiva the rune Laguz, for water, as water is connected to the moon. But then water can either move, or be still, so I'm considering Isa, which is always stillness. Stillness of mind, stillness of emotion, stillness of passion. Ice can be, but cannot create itself, it's created out of water. However, Shiva isn't as cold or as hard or brittle as ice, and hasn't built himself a prison like that for himself. He simply has mastery and control over himself, and chooses to be dormant and still.

In this picture I've uploaded, I've used Laguz to represent shiv, but I'm not satisfied. Can you guys offer any suggestions on runes/bindrunes to represent Shiv?

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So as a model we might think of the form or energy in the hemispheres as Nadi and pingala and that an understanding of these forces can be understood in the anthropomorphism of Shiva and Shakti. 

Thus we might envision Isa as working in either of these states separately, but when brought together in the form of Gebo they demonstrate the active power of Gebo.  which could also be seen as the convergence of two  or even four Kenaz. 

Ida and Pingala, lol. Yeah, they converge into the third nadi at this point, the Shushumna. So Ida and be represented by Isa, Pingala by Kauna/Sowelyu, and Gebo represents bringing the two together into the Shushumna.

this is a good start for a visualisation or active meditation Where one could envision  two Isa arising out of each hemisphere and uniting in the form the gebo and then extending out in a fourfold expression of Kenaz.

As a rune Isa is just one manifestation of three forms of expression. Are there more than one form or expression of Ida and pingala?   

I did state multiple times: There are 3 main channels in the spine, not two. Just like in the Kabbalistic tree of life, there are 3 pillars. The Ida is the left pillar or nadi, the pillar of yin. Pingala is the right pillar or nadi, channeling yang energy. At certain points, the energies converge into the third nadi, the shushumna. Presumably they merge to form the Kundalini. Presumably. The more I discover the more I realize how much I do not know. 

Now I have a theory on this. Let's take Da'ath to be the 11th Sephira on the tree of life. Then:

Kether = Sahasra (Crown)

Da'ath = Aagnaa (Third-Eye)

Tiphareth = Anahat (Heart)

Yesod = Swaadhisthaan (Sacral)

Malkuth = Mulaadhaar (Root)

My theory is that the Ida and Pingala converge into the Shushumna at these specific chakras. This would mean that while all chakras are important, the ones listed above should be given special attention. However, this theory doesn't make much sense when you consider that the 3 nadis pierce through all seven chakras, and that the Kundalini rises through the shushumna and pierces through all the seven chakras.

     So then we're left to see that all the chakras should be paid equal attention to, and balanced *as* the kundalini diverges into the Ida and Pingala, which rejoins into the Shushumna at every chakra way-station. 

we my be speaking past each other and it is likely my fault. I understood the three channels, what I was getting at was that in the two left right channels we have a dichotomy of yin and yang. I m understanding these two are equal in there opposition to each other. The rune Isa is the solid state of ice its liquid state is Lugaz and its gaseous state could be understood as Ansuz. If the the two Nadis in turn have these same shape shifting properties. Thus there might be forms of perception such as solid we might call this manifestation of information as Factual or evidentiary, while other forms of information might be fluid such as metaphor and finally gaseous or elusive such as probability of intuition. .  

As to Kabbalah and the ten sphera In the Torah there are only two pillars Jachin and Boaz while the third is hidden in the mystery of the Christ or "He who is to come"  People in the general public are not taught how to read the text and thus miss most of the deeper ideas expressed in the Torah,  I can't do much here to help with this other then tried to teach the formula and let others explore on their own.

A quick outline is to look at the story as a metaphor then look at the names of the players and translate the meaning of the name. Now read the passage with that meaning.  There are more rules but heres an example. In Gen 34 we have the story of Dinas defilement. Dinah is the daughter of Leah .. Dinah means Justice and Leah means weary the idea here s that Justice is sought be the weary.. Now Dinah goes dow into the valley of the people Thus justice is available and Shechem sees her and takes her by force. Shechem means to shoulder a burden. After haven tasted the fruits of justice shechem sought to marry Dinah That is he sought to join himself to justice.  To do so he would have to have the blessing of Jacob.. Jacob then instructs him to become circumcised to the god of justice. And shechem and all hi host capitulated but on the third day Simeon and Live struck them down.. In so doing they (Simeon and Levi) asured there place in history In

Gen 49:5We find the following.

"Simeon and Levi, you are brothers, each a gruesome sword.
Gen 49:6 I never want to take part in your plans or deeds. You slaughtered people in your anger, and you crippled cattle for no reason.
Gen 49:7 Now I place a curse on you because of your fierce anger. Your descendants will be scattered among the tribes of Israel:

Later we see this unfold as the 12 receive their inheritance in the land. .Anyway you get a glimpse of how it is done.  


oooh, I see now. And it makes perfect sense. The tree of life is said to be the blueprint of everything that resides from the highest heavens, to the lowest hells. In man, tree is supposed to be the anatomy of the soul/spirit, so to speak. But I've never read the Zohar fully, so know only from what conjectures I can make:

In light of you telling me that the third pillar is hidden in the mystery of the Christ, We can compare the two remaining pillars to the Ida and Pingala. The connection can be made.

IF this is so, then the shushumna, like the third pillar, will also be revealed in the mystery of the Christ. Safe to assume then, that the two nadis/pillars would have to be harmonized, balanced, and negated into unity to reveal the shushumna/ Christ Pillar (As I'm going to call it from now on). And this makes perfect sense oddly.

Going back to the Sixth Chakra, I was thinking last night that couldn't we use Jara? The Kauna at the top represents solar energies and the reverse Kauna at the bottom represents Lunar energies. Meditate on Jara for a while, then visualize it merging into Gebo, meditate on that for a while. From here, use two routes:

1) Gebo merges into Inguz, which merges into the white Shiv-ling within Ardhanarishvara. OR

2) Visually merge Gebo as it is into the white Shiv-ling within Ardhanarishvara.

At this point, chant "om" for a while, since that's the seed syllable for this chakra. Then, slowly reverse the process, starting back at Jara, clear your mind, and open your eyes, ending the meditation.


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