Uruz - “Oo – Ruse” – Literally: “Aurochs” – Esoteric: Endurance, Formation, Manifestation

Key Concepts: life force, physical health, courage, organic structure, manifestation, formation, healing, vigor, endurance

Psi: determination, persistence, freedom, courage, will, territoriality, independence

Energy: Vital formative force, archetypal patterning, raw primal power, survival, healing, endurance, manifestation, organic structuring

Mundane: physical health, stamina

Divinations: Strength, constancy, vitality, tenacity, pattern, luck, health, pragmatic knowledge, understanding; or weakness, obsession, misdirected force, inconstancy, sickness, ignorance, uncontrolled rage, insensitivity, brutality

Shaping and forcing fortunate circumstances creatively through will and inspiration
Self-healing and maintenance of good mental and physical health
Assertion of home ground, personal space, independence and freedom
Strength and tenacity, courage, persistence against all odds
Ability to control aggression and take responsibility
Rites of passage, especially into adulthood.

How would you express this rune through Yoga, Ti-Chi, Marshal Arts or other body sciences? 



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We all are prone to fall into locked patterns of mind and body. Terrance Mckenna often spoke of how novelty becomes preserved in history through the process of institutionalization. Institutions serve us both in a social sense and in a personal sense, but institutions also imprison us. They become entrenched and in the process of self preservation they become harmful and unable to fulfill their original mandate; Machiavelli pointed this out in his seminal work Discourses on Livy.

So wen we see that an institution no longer serves us, how do we break it down? This is were I see Uruz as a key understanding in the creative process. You can simply break a pattern and try moving into something new, but this rarely works for most people. Often the old pattern draws you back into its web. So the first thing to look at is why do I have the pattern? what was it trying to solve in my life. Whatever this may be it will likely have within it an element of Uruz (chaos, fear, uncontrolled rage, or some other shadow aspect) The pattern will be an attempt by the psyche to domesticate the Uruz impulse.

So what we need is ritual taboo; that is we need a safe way in which to break free from the repression of institutionalization. 

This can be as simple as a wild dance in which you allow your self to go wild or for some it can be a tattoo others may need to feel challenged by a difficult or dangerous activity. In all these ways and many more the idea is the same, that is to FEEL the raw energy of primal force and then to re-institutionalize it into a new and more useful pattern.

Now some fighters may think of Uruz as being a way to engage the Bizerker, but this is only partly true, the bizerker is drawn from the bear and the bear is not wild in its actions the Auroch is a bovine and like all bovines its instinctive aggression is driven by fear. Bears on the other hand are rarely ever frightened and wen they do fight it is not chaotic. The bizerker is not drawn out of chaos it is a deep tapping of resolve that a warriors draws on knowing he will likely die. Only combat solders really understand this kind of deep resolve. Most people in the modern world are never faced with challenges that ask such a high price as our life.  Rescue workers, solders and a few good Samaritans face this challenge and wen they do it is the bizerker; the Bear who responds to the call.      


I imagine Uruz, like the Bull, isn't wild in its actions either, attacking to defend its space and its cows/herd/resources. Come to think of it, what animal IS wild in its aggression, unless it's desperate or tormented. It brings risks that can't be afforded. Maybe Uruz stung by gad flies or wasps would go a bit crazy, trying to shake them off.  

A human soldier's courage is 'moral/social' even before it becomes physical. As a total non-soldier I have found that  anger drives out fear in a situation entailing possible threat, if there is no time to think. As a very young woman, being grabbed on my way home one night, early in the evening, I was instantly furious, no thinking about it, and hit out. I suppose I went a bit 'beserk.'

yes I think I can agree. Can you take it to a place of embodiment?  Is there a pose or a stance that draws on this energy and then  transitions to a pose or stance that expresses it?

Through yoga, this is easily expressed in Pranayama. Pranayama are a series of breathing exercises, designed so that the yogi can slowly take full control of his prana, or chi/Ki, or life force. This is because Yog scriptures five types of vayus, or winds, that govern the body. One of these vayus is the Prana Vayu. It's domain in the body is the chest area: Lungs and the heart, and is responsible for giving life to the body. If we look at what medical science says: We breathe in air, the oxygen is taken to various parts of the body, which do their thing, and produce bioelectricity. And our body runs on this bioelectricity. I think that the electricity that is produced by the body is the chi/ki/ prana that's being talked about in these texts. That being said, through the practice of pranayama, it may be possible to control this Chi. Practices like Chi-kung and Tai Chi would also aid in doing this. And obviously, a person being able to control his chi can make all of the key concepts possible

In what way might Uruz be expressed through  a yogic form?  Just what is it to Yoga? Can we Yoga in runes? 

(From the Wiki)

Yoga (/ˈjɡə/SanskritयोगListen) are physicalmental, and spiritual practices or disciplines that aim to transform body and mind. The term denotes a variety of schools, practices and goals;

This group was meant to explore these ideas with the end resulting in an emerging runic at. 


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