Does anyone use the runes for actual magickal work?

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Well, I carve Runic charms from various woods depending on the working. I use oak mostly, but also use applewood, juniper, and pine. Runic charms do work and they work well. However, people need to exercise extreme caution in even thinking about curses. For one thing, you are bringing malevolent intent into your life and this opens you for a "ricochet" effect full of unintended consequences. In other words, before even thinking about a curse, you better be right. That's not to say one cannot defend oneself. But that requires, also, fire discipline. Liken it to using any other weapon in self-defense. One cannot pull a concealed handgun and drop the hammer on someone for a verbal insult. It is the same with curses. There needs to be no other choice before resorting to one.

But in blessing, Runes are highly effective. But choose wisely for even the best of intentions can result in unintended consequences. Use the adage, "Measure twice, cut once" and practice deep looking into the correct Rune for the blessing. One of the most powerful charms, at least from what I have discovered, is to carve it from the very heartwood of a tree. That is, the exact core of it. You are at the very beginning of the tree and the energy here is very strong. Not saying cut down a tree, but a walk through the forest will reveal fallen trees heartwood and tree cores can be gleaned. Often, if the tree has sat there downed long enough, the core will pull away and give you a wood cylinder ready for carving. Obviously, you'll need an axe or saw to get at the core. Smaller diameter trees are best. But if you can get into a large-diameter tree, even better. Don't use the roots, though, at least not for blessing. Once you have the core, you can cut out a flat section that holds the exact center lengthwise. Then carve your Rune on it. You can wear this charm or hang it. Sometimes, when you cut open these cores, you'll find Runes already in the wood, formed by chrysalis, knots, or mineral inclusions in the wood. Some Runes I have run across in heartwood cores are Isa, Ansuz, and Laguz.  

People who believe there are no repercussions for curses and just throw them around for whatever reason are akin to a five year old who just found his dad's loaded handgun. By the way, karma is not a Wiccan term. It comes from Hinduism and Buddhism. Someone who would curse another for some slight needs to grow up. Sorry. As far as a weak spirit, fyi, I served in the 101st Airborne. There isn't room for weak spirits there. Except there, your deeds must match your words.

I don't curse people. Some imagined slight doesn't affect me because I don't dwell on someone else's personality malfunction. Nobody bothers me because I don't walk around with a chip on my shoulder. I earned my wings, I have nothing I need to prove to anyone. I proved myself to myself a long time ago.

Not trying to be hard on you, but you really need to get with the program and cut sling on this idea it's somehow cool to curse people. That's what gives people a negative view of the Runes, for one thing. For another thing, there are consequences to you whether you see them or not. They might not be happening right now, but they will. There are Runes that pertain specifically to Rightness. If you aren't right in your curses, guess what? There are consequences for you later down the road. I've seen them happen to people who threw around spiritual power like the aforementioned five year old that found his dad's gun. It's not about "weakness", it's about discipline. The first thing you learn in basic training, by the way.   

One more suggestion, before I go. As to your assertion that there are no rules in Rune work, I must disagree. Everything has rules. Read your Germanic and Norse history. They had very specific rules for everything. Flouting the drighten's rules ended up with one outlawed. There were very dire consequences for people levelling curses on people. They were known as balecrafters, among other things. Not saying cursing didn't go on, but it could be punished if you weren't right and you got caught. Rightness of action was key.

Everything in this universe has rules that govern their behaviour. Just because we can't see them or feel their actions immediately doesn't mean they aren't there. A thermonuclear weapon doesn't need you to see the atom being split within it for you to later see a city turned to a smoking, radioactive crater. The splitting on the atom is a rule that exists within the universe unseen. Radiation itself is governed by rules as to what it can and cannot accomplish. It is a tremendous power, but it abides by certain rules as old as time. You can use nuclear power to provide electricity or destroy a city. There are consequences for each, regardless of what you think, feel, or want. Those rules exist whether you believe in them or not. They do not need your belief to exist. But the rules will hold you accountable whether you believe it or not. You can juggle spheres of plutonium and think there are no rules but no matter how you much you believe that, you'll still die of radiation poisoning. Curses are the same.

What is magick? Do we mean the twinkle twinkle of our noses like we saw in Bewitched? Isn't it a curse to say anything negative to another?  I way up in my anger and kick the dog who then bites the cat who then runs out the door into traffic causing the accident that kills my son who was driving to fast because he was still mad at me from the night before.....In such a string of events dient "I" cast the first Spirit? A Spirit of malcontempt taken to its extreme reveals its evil nature. But without the "I" there is no body. Spirits have their existence in me; in the body of my carnality.  It is my carnal nature to maximize all my relationships. Magik is not something of this world alone Magik comes from the past, manifests in the present and flows in to the future.

Magik is a prayer answered, religion is a debate over who answered. 

The world is made of Words, everything we see in the world of of human kind is the concretisation of language.  The idea that anyone dose anything on their own is an illusion; all things, peoples and places are in relationship to the "I" , to themselves and to each other. Magik is to have an effect within these relationships. Magik is a process of harvesting information and then applying it in such forms as to effect change.

Why do we sing and chant? It is to put resonance and frequency to sound formation. Cymatics.. This spoken geometry happens in the invisible world and out of these and are built upon thru long dedication, at the same time the mind is engaged in self talk/communion, now note that the voices in your head are not using your words alone, but rather the chatre in there is you and all the information you are receiving and all this goes into the deepening of our chants and songs. The more dedicated we are the more clarity we gain and this clearly gives rise to words that when  spoken with acurissy are fully understood. These are then  words of power, but again the power arises out of the ever clarifying human being. To me all of this is magik.

Hrimfaxi: You say there are no rules in Runework, that everything is permitted. Hmmmm...if that's so, what's the purpose of the Runes themselves? Why does each one have a specific meaning and use? Why couldn't Ingwaz, for example, just mean anything you said it meant? Could it be because each one has meanings ascribed to them? Hmmm....those are principles, another word for a type of law or ethical standard or meanings that follow a set guideline. Kind of like signs on the road that tell you certain things about that road that are, hmmmm, governed by a set of laws. Be that as it may, if there are no rules for Runes, the Runes themselves need not even exist. One could just go obtain a set of Scrabble tiles and you could say each means a certain thing and you could even change the meanings later as you go along. No rules, right? One day the letter "A" means wisdom and the following day it could mean dullness. In fact, the Scrabble tiles themselves aren't necessary. You should just follow what your mind tells you and do away with the possibility that a Scrabble tile contradicts it. But without rules, you can contradict what the Scrabble tile tells you and just do what you feel like anyway. No rules, remember? How then does the Rune warn you against wrong actions or unethical deeds if there are no rules? 

But I now call your attention to the Rune Tiwaz. It general pertains to order, justice, and law. If those things do not exist, then why does this Rune exist? This is not the only Rune that can pertain to rightness, either. The Norse and Germanic peoples were very concerned with rightness, law, and order.

 One should be very cautious saying there are never any rules for anything. I would be curious as to what you base that idea on. I am also curious as how you came to the idea that no rules exist in the universe. So, gravity doesn't exist?  

I think we all might be better served by a larger clarity of definition. Perhaps "Rule"-"Law" Might better be expressed as "Habit"  So that Laguz  has a loose meaning of fluid dynamics and this meaning is the accumulation of the habit of its being "Said So"  After all "Things" are what we say they are only by agreement. 

That said Magik is the acquisition of the unknown..out the well of creativity "Things" are not yet Named for they have as yet not had realisation Magik is that process of reality formation. First a Thing is named then defined to the point at which the thing becomes manifest.

Invocation, evocation.....Everyone is in the act of doing and partaking of Magik all the time, but only the architects of Magik are swimming in the waters of shadow and light seeking the tools of self manifest destiny.

Yes, all the time. That's why I started this group yo :)

sadly we had a drop out,, this loss of dialogue makes it hard on the seeker 


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