Recently I have been on a Franz Bardon kick, and so I slowly acquired his three main books, Initiation into Hermetics, Invocation..., and Key to the True Kabbalah.  I highly recommend acquiring them someday, as I think the exercises he describes in there and methods of working (especially in Initiation into Hermetics) to be very effective and useful for developing a results orientated practice. 

That being said, I found his book on Kabbalah to be wonderfully inspiring.  It totally created a series of mental connections for me, namely between his practice with Kabbalah and a way of working with the runes through runic galdar. I haven't quite fully played with all of it, so all I can say is get it, hit it and you will probably love it as much as I do.



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But there's only 10 (or) 11 sephiroth, and 22 would you reconcile the runes with them?

I am not going to reconcile the runes with the kabbalah.  This is not about that.  It's about using Franz Bardon's techniques that he expresses in his True Kabbalah book with runic galdar.


Also, if you only limit yourself to the Elder Futhark, it is a difficult numbers game.  If you open yourself up to using other futharks, one can easily have enough runes to pair up each sephiroth and paths that connect them. Although I don't believe in doing that, as the cultures that both spring from are quite different in origin and cultural expression.  While there is a common element of human experience, alot of understanding that experience comes from the culture that one is raised one.  A new yorker can see the world much differently then an Angeleno.

Ah, that makes a lot more sense now. I've never really heard of Franz Bardon. I should get his book and read it, since I find the Kabbalah and hermetics an interesting study.

I agree that the systems aren't to be reconciled. I studied hermeticism and kabbalah long before ever hearing of the runes. Once I found the runes, I knew my path was much more clear. Bardon does have wonderful exercises that can be tweeked to fit into any system. The problem is that he is such a terrible boring author- his wisdom is lost in the tedious delivery of his message. Only a very patient and determined reader can suffer through the entirety of his work.


I am a very patient and determined reader, and fortunately at the point where I found Franz Bardon, I was so intrigued and interested by what he was saying I did not find it at all boring.  Overly moralistic and preachy at times, which to me is more of a reflection of his time period of writing, but the exercises themselves are all very interesting.

I don't think any systems need reconciling with one another. You use what fits your particular needs. For me, (obviously?) this was the runes, but I have read a great deal of other literature. 

My final observations on the matter is that there are paths that lead you to the unconscious (dreams, trance, astral projection) and paths that lead you to the conscious (such as zen meditation). We are each balanced a certain way already. My world was overwhelmed with the unconscious symbols and imagery of archetypes and I was once so lost in that that I had to learn to become at peace with the mundane, to meditate, to gain focus and clarity rather than get more lost in the myth and magic of the unconscious.

So I think the most important reconciliation we can make is to decide which side of our nature needs the most attention, and which spiritual or occult traditions move us toward that development. 

Remember, I don't use the unconscious and consciousness as negative and positive. If you want to gain a great understanding of these two ideas I recommend Psychology and Religion: East and West by Carl Jung. It will give you a global perspective that can be really useful in understanding the fundamental difference between the two paths I mentioned.

If you notice the merkaba (which includes the kabbalistic tree of life, the 5 platonic solid shapes, and at least a few other magical symbols), you will also find all 24 of the Elder Futhark within it.  Interesting.


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