When I work with energy, I often need the following basic tools:

1) Relaxing

2) Grounding

3) Calling in basic energy to work with

What runes do you use for this kind of work?

I'm just experimenting with the runes, and I have not meditate with each rune in depth yet, so I do not know if these are the 'right' way to work with them, but here are my ideas:

1) Relaxing

I use Laguz for relaxing, letting the muscles melt, and excess energy flow away from me. Especially helpful before bedtime.

2) Grounding

I have used a Berkana symbol at the soles of my feet to connect with earth and ground. Sometimes in combination with Laguz as above, letting the energy seep into the ground through the connection of Berkana.

3) Invoking basic energy

Basic energy for me is Fehu. As the first rune she seems to contain all other runes, and feels sort of primordial or pre-creation to me.

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Out behind my cabin is an old bear trail in the fall this trail yields a wealth of Amanita Muscaria as a rule this entheogen  grows in patches in the same place year after year. when I feel I need to get deeper into the runes I will walk this trail and at each spot I will pull a three runes from my bag and just leave them there. Then I will go back over several days visiting each spot and assessing the runes at each spot. In this way I have created out of nature a kind of sanctuary.  I often leave crystals and other items  in these places as well as a means of charging them.

If I lived in the city I would likely create a herb garden to do this with.   

At least for myself, I tend to see the runes as channels for energy or circuits if you will.  Any energy can be put through them, but they will pattern it differently.


I also tend to view relaxing/grounding as the same action, at least for me they seem to achieve the same end result.  Before I do most of my work, I usually work to center myself.  There are a few methods I do this with.  1) prayer - usually a self created one to the most sublime powers I am aligned with

2) a centering exercise I learned from Jason Miller's "Strategic Sorcery"
3)I have started to use the word "Runa" as a mantra to center and also to help get into a meditative state.

I can definitley see the reasons why you chose those runes to relax, ground and call up energy, I do find they have those connections.  Have you tried experimenting with any others for similar purposes?

some others that I can think of that work work for relaxing Wunjo or Mannaz,
for grounding Inguz, or Othala/Aethel

For energy Sowelo or, Dagaz,

Nice tips, thanks! Wunjo for relaxation and Sowilo for energy resonate with me.

That makes me think of another topic for using the runes in healing...

basic energy to me means inguz. potential raw energy in pure form. also ihwaz tends to have a nice grounding effect, as we all are after all products of oxygen from yggdrasil

As Christopher suggests, I view grounding and relaxing to be part of the same process. However, I center myself after I've grounded. I feel comfortable using Fehu, and for invoking basic energy I do not use runes at all. I use the Reiki symbols. 

Would anyone care to describe how is the energy channeled and in what way do you use the Runes to chanel it? I never worked with it so I am interested in the technique.

I like to mental step into the rune, so take a rune like Laguz, This is a rune of water... what then would it be like to "Be" water. How can I step into a "State" of flow? 

I put the image in my mind of the rune it sits in the forebrain taking the shape of the third eye and my body then falls into the liquid nature of Laguz. As this feeling over flows I aloe my body to give way to this fluidity that is the nature of water. Water seeks the path of lest resistance and so I to now seek this same path and as I go throughout my day what would have been obstetrical to my path are transformed into boulders in a stream and I can ebb and flow around them, through them or even over them without struggle. It is in this state of mind that the rune becomes manifest in practice.    If I find other who are operating i this same state of fluid dynamics then I can join with them and together we can act as Ehwaz thus the uniom of two forces both acting in a state of harmony and maximum power produce be flow as opposed to force.

Resistance is thus absorbed rather then fought.  

What then would it be like to "Be" water..?

Remember what Bruce Lee said:

As you work your way through each rune you will find that each one has its own archetypal pattern and this pattern is a kind of ski into which you can step into and explore. Each person will find the fit in a slightly different way. For me I imply ritual as this is more theatrical and in this way I move myself out of the mundane and into the profane. Once I have moved into a runic state of mind then the next time it becomes much easier to attain to.

When I find myself in a situation in which I must act, I don't think "Oh I Need Laguz"  Instead what happens is that my work "IN" Laguz informs my actions in the world and in this way modifies my approach to the given situation.  For me then it is the privet ritual working with the rune that both informs and thus transforms my interactions with novelty as it arises in my day to day activity. 

When I invoke, say, for example "Laukr," or Laguz, to help me in a situation, I'm not invoking the rune in it's mundane form. Instead what I want to do is to "slip" into the deeper meanings, frequencies, world, of the rune, and physically manifest it as I need it. That's what I think when someone says "invoking the energy." 

I see.. I find that interesting since I never tried that. Most of my Rune-Works is based on meditation, but I haven't really tried using Runes in Magick and applied the in order to change my state of mind. When I find enough time, I'll try focusing on that and report my results here. :)

Thanks for sharing..

Since you already use the runes in meditation, your job should be that much easier. Now that I think about it, it's more like "Channeling" the power of the rune.


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