What are some of the ways you use the runes to protect yourself (and others)? 


What about Runes for protecting the home?


Runes for protecting while traveling?


Runes to protect to keep law away?


Runes for mental protection?


Runes for spiritual protection?


Runes to protect children?


What other northern tradition signs do you like to use, if any?



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I use the runes for protection quite often.  The main rune I use is Elhaz or as call it Eolhx. 


My most common method I picked upf rom Nigel Pennick's "Secrets of the Runes" which he describes as the Shield of Elhaz.  the ritual goes like this:


Elhaz before me! (visualize Elhaz)

Elhaz behind me!

Elhaz to my right!

Elhaz to my left!

Elhaz above me!

Elhaz below me!

Elhaz protect me!



Some changes that I have made is pointing to the direction with my hands, and at Elhaz protect me, I bring my hands together, the left hand formed into a loose fist, the right hand over it, and press it down with light pressure over my sternum, visualizing Elhaz there, connected to the other directions.  Instead of "KA!" at the end I rungaldr Elhaz and move into the stadha of Elhaz, visualizing the one at my chest expand, and then wrap around me into a transparent sphere of force, anchored on the elhaz points around me.  I think of this as my basic shielding rite and have found it quite useful in many situations.

Another symbol that I often use for talismans of protection I found in some data about icelandic grimoires.  It's basically known as the Solomon's Innsigli or the Sign of Solomon.  If you follow this link: http://hoodoocrossroads.wordpress.com/2010/10/27/mirror-box-spell-f...

You can see an example of it in a spell I did for a "client" for thier protection.  It's on the top of the box, in red.  I find that this symbol works great for personal protection in just about any situation. 


I have some other things for topics, but I need to get to my other business today. Till later!

Yep, at this moment I only use Algiz (as I call her) for protection.

To me Algiz represents my Divine Self, Holy Guardian Angel, my inner Valkyrie: the Swan energy that mediates between me and Asgard. So I do not only use Algiz for protection but also as an invocation of the Divine. Also to bless my practical magical spells, in the sense that my Higher Self will decide in what form my spell will manifest, if at all.

While I don't necessarily word it like that, I totally agree with you on that.  Used alone, there is something sacred/holy/divine component to working with Eohlx and the kind of protection that it places.  There are other runes that also work for protection, but in different ways.

For protecting the home, I like combining Aethel/Othala with Elhaz.  I also combined it with Ihwaz as I feel it gives it a kind of three layers of protection.  Aethel establishes the place as mine and my home, Elhaz makes it a sanctuary, under the watchful eye of my gods and wights.  Ihwaz is the "don't tread on me" that when sources of harm approach, they get warned away but will also experience "accidents' if they try to defile my space.

I use Thurisaz for strength and to call Thor, Algiz (Elhaz) for for spiritual protection, Tiwaz for physical protection and Eihwaz for mental/emotional protection. For a general house protection I use a bindrune of Algiz and Othala. When I travel I use a bindrune of Radho and Algiz on the car and baggage. I haven't had a use for runes to keep the law away. I also wear Mjolnir around my neck with the runes of Sowilo and Kenaz on either side of the hammer.

when a "negative" or selfish spirit seems to be around, an effective method of banishing them is most always "hit em with the hail" hagalaz has great potential for clearing the space around you. good rune for spiritual protection.

I turned a very bad period in my liife around instantly (I was shocked at how fast things happened) by making a psionic wishing maching, and placing the Helm of Awe over the witness of myself. I have not turned it off since.

Bit of a typo there.

I am still trying to understand setting the eight-fold magick circle with the runes as elements and the zodiac around. So many different interpretations.


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