Hi runeworkers,

I thought I started a discussion about the upcoming Ansuz shared meditation.

We can discuss our preparation and experiences here with Ansuz if we like, and still give our general ideas about Ansuz in the main rune course thread.

The date, as of now, is set on Friday (April 27). And I think we have let go of the precise timing so anyone can connect throughout the day.

What I really liked to do is enter in the imagination a runic stone circle in a bright clearing and meet you all there. I enter the circle with the intention of being there at exactly the same time as everyone else. If you like, you can use that idea too, but I am also interested to hear what works for you.

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This is a fantastic idea Darpan. My intention is to visit the circle at set times of the day: sunrise, midday, sunset, and just before entering sleep. I also thought that it might be interesting to tune in for a visit whenever the thought crosses my mind to. Thanks for carrying the flame.

Inspiring idea to connect every time it comes to mind. I get the image of building up a reservoir of Ansuz energy that we all can tap into during the day. 1+1=3 :-)

I really liked the work with Thurisaz last Friday. I didn't login after it because we traveled Saturday to my homeland and I haven't returned from this trip yet. As usual it made a lot of things surface though my mind and I ended up having a great fight with my mother after that. The good side is I do feel like things are changing – at least I am. Can’t wait to work with Ansuz!

I am really excited about the work with Ansuz and I suggest we all take Darpans breathing Ansuz exercise as the basis + the circle mentioned on the post above. Sure you can add all types of special little details to that but I think that is a good startup. What do you guys think?

I think it's interesting that Thurisaz got you a fight with your Mum. I hope you both have made some progress?

Yes, I think creating a common understanding of a sacred space for us to focus on will support the work beautifully. See you there shortly!

i actually really like that idea, and as it seemed, the exact timing really didn't seem to matter a whole lot as everyone who was involved in the Thurisaz meditation experienced that particular energy at nonspecific times anyways :D 

Its the 27th here and about 7;50pm I am and have been focusing on Space as an answer to some of our global resource troubles.  I see this as both an Ansuz as well as a Kenaz  agenda as it seems we need both a story and creativity to pull it off. 

As for healing I see Ansuz as the story rune, that is it is a rune of communications and as such is the rune of story. The story I am telling now is one in which law is replaced by the term habit. Laws mean boundaries, limits a law can only be up held or broken thus it is a world of submission and conflict whereas a world of habit is one of relationship to... and thus a habit can be changed simply by our response to it. Life is an organism we are a part of it and it is in control of its own destiny is this a GOD? I don't believe that it is, but it dose suggest that the collective is at least a higher order of complexity then the self. Acting together in this healing group we are as a group more complex then we would be as individuals thus we are more likely to have an effect of the grater whole. My story is growing in complexity as well and I am telling it in every place I visit if we all tell a similar story of hope and community we stand to make an impact of the larger paradigm. 

What is Ansuz?? this I think is a great rune to use as a tool to understanding both Runes as a medium i n general as well as how we each can participate in making a better world. The following video talks about language and how it shapes reality. 

As you look at the video think about not just words , but think about art. Art is the product the imagination, it is the expression of thought and is it self a visual language. Look at your house, your car, your cities all of this is art, it is the imagination made incarnate.  If we want the change the world we must all become artists and out of our imagination of the future will unfold a vision in all forms of expression. As healers we need to see everything through the eye of an artist. We need to describe a new world, the world we know that we need. 

Here is a Chinese concept car, it points to an old idea rapped in a new idea..How can we beak out of the old mind sets and build new ones in every aspect of our lives? Do our homes have to be square boxes? Isn't the ros of box houses just a projection of the Assembly line? As Marshal McLuhan would have said "It is a product of print culture"  How much of our world is a product of morphic resonance from the industrial era? Do we treat each other with the same impersonal mind set as the factory line? Those people go in that box these one in this box? If so, how can we learn to see them in a new paradigmatic vision? 


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