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Finding the runes helped me to find a common thread in my own life - they seem to speak to me from every corner of the world I walk. Meditation, chanting and writing are my three favorite activities to do with the runes & I've been casting them on the new and full moons since hewing out my own set of lots in March 2011.

One could call me heathen because the gods that I identify with - by way of anthropomorphism, emotion, mood of myth & allegorical message - most strongly are the Norse-Germanic goddesses & gods.

I have also made the decision to write my own personal 'Galderbok' with personal word & divine associations on the runes as well as visualizations. This is for the express purpose of helping me become a stronger caster of the runes.

- Ent
When did you begin using the runes?
March - 2011.
What rune(s) are you most concerned with?
All of the Elder Futhark.
Who are your favorite authors on the runes?
Freya Aswynn, Paul Rhys Mountfort, Edred Thorsson & Kari Tauring.

Meditation - Inspiration - Crystallization

- Crystallize, by Lindsey Stirling

- Telling my Nephew the tale of the god Freyr - who had giving his magic sword, which could fight by it's self if the wilder was wise, to his servant Skírnir to try and swoon the giantess Gerðr, by gifting it to her, who he had fallen in love with.

- Bovine, my feline companion. 

- taken when I visited the the museum in Alexandria MN, the Kensington Rune-stone, Minnesota circa 1362. 

- the other side of Thurisaz

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Runes as Pictographs - Isa

Posted on May 11, 2012 at 12:25pm 6 Comments

- Isa -

Isa is the last rune of the three primary rune shapes in my pictographic theory of the Elder Futhark. A great place to start the rest of the Futhark seeing as,…


Runic Opposites - the Elder Futhark in the Round

Posted on March 7, 2012 at 1:00pm 37 Comments

- Intro -

First and for most, this is not the first blog about runic opposites and the correlation of each individual rune meaning to it's seemingly polarized other. Vethorr has written a nice blog called …


Runes as Pictographs - Laguz

Posted on March 1, 2012 at 9:00am 8 Comments

- Laguz -

Water is the second force of nature in the creation myth of the Norse-Germanic people. This force flows from Nifelheim, a cold region where water & venom flow and form both frost & freezing rain. These waters flow out from Nifelheim in the form of eleven rivers…


Runes as Pictographs - Kenaz

Posted on February 10, 2012 at 7:30pm 10 Comments

- Intro -

Welcome to the first installment of 'Runes as Pictographs'! This part of my blog will be focusing on the way the runes have effected my consciousness on a glyphic, pictographic & characteristic level. 

The reason I'm not starting at the beginning of the Futhark is because there seems to be three runes which hold the primary shapes of all other runes. We can explore…


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At 5:57pm on June 8, 2013, Mit Solanki said…

That's good news! This means that it is legit to combine the two, and I can plunge forward and do the same for all the other 6 :-)

At 11:07am on June 8, 2013, Mit Solanki said…

What's up Brynte!! ^_^

At 12:37pm on May 22, 2012, Maureen Butter said…

Hi Brynte,

Great to connect.

At 5:16pm on May 10, 2012, Esther Ravensdottir said…

The story behind my tattoo is as follows: I have always seen myself as someone who has a lot of "wolfish" traits and I discovered that the she-wolf is actually my totem some years ago. So the wolf howling at the moon in the center symbolizes me. The runes encircle her, and I was nervous about invoking anything in particular, so I just carry all the Elder Futhark with me for the rest of my days on this earth. :)

At 11:28am on March 30, 2012, Francis said…

Thanks, Brynte! That's fascinating. I am going to keep my out for that name now when reading Scandinavian mythology...

At 12:14am on March 29, 2012, Loclynn said…

This makes good sense to my mind as well. I am sure that much of our knowledge is lost in the demon-isation of information. Putting it back together is the fun of the puzzle :) All these ideas have a feeling of relatedness. Maybe Frances can find a linguistic path to draw them together. 

At 1:00am on March 28, 2012, Loclynn said…

You were instrumental in helping me formulate the concept. 

At 10:52am on March 10, 2012, shana said…

Beautiful meditation video!  I used to live in Duluth for many years, but never found my way to Alexandria...thanks for the photo, I am reading about it as a write!  Interesting. 


At 12:50am on March 10, 2012, Loclynn said…

Shawn is a blast that you so much :) I can get into this kind of mind 

At 5:03pm on March 8, 2012, Loclynn said…

Great dubstep video Wow I loved it.

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