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Found in seafood Weight Loss

From protein it's a good source of fact it's not a good source of protein knots get about eighty percent of their calories from fat if you want to get 30 grams of protein from Knots you are going to overeat because they are not a good source of protein a good source of that so I think nutrient dense protein I mean foods that provide you the majority of their calories from protein contain minimal toxins and contain a bunch of essential vitamins and minerals these are…


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Northeast Like Skin

I can’t read it let me get my no I didn't let me get this out thank you for getting I have my own lady here in just a moment I this is be she say 20 revitalizing essence yes if they're revitalizing essence Abu I love this product it is very expensive it works very well obvious is 10 she say does all this product never change the formula and here's something Liftderma else about thistledown is always better times this…


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Finds Good Sahpe Skin

you keeper I feel you however me which is the fact that you mention it yeah I South Park value and ass electrical him Capitol Hill for you and I just right one dealer I don't you all the details the reasons you have her Archie you know she's to try you know if you order foundation issues back unit and so I have to do is pick colors shake my hand alright 360 hi whatever issue or sale taxi sales make sure your calculators there you at ape you reading I'm you thank you…


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Insolence Muscle Test

The people who come to engineering have a gym membership want to help yeah yesterday I want to lose weight you want to lose weight get fit you know whatever I mean only I love you know you love the small says people are staying up yet but I know that they also dollar yet a while if that they won't get nutrition and went to hell area it physical fitness test parents Testostormso many diseases helps cure so many diseases because…


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My interpretations of Rune positions in my casts , wonder how more experienced readers interpret ?

As I wrote in a previous blog, I'm new to learning about the Elder Futhark Runes. I've studied for 7 years ,to the best of my…


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Finding a Rune Reading Method that works best for me

I have been self studying the Runes for about 7 years.

For the last 3 years or so I've practiced The Nornic  Casting method ,The method written in Edred Thorsson's ,The Well of Wyrd in which the lots are cast on a white cloth. Have also experimented    with  my own variations.  I have mainly practiced  on my self .

After my cast I've  looked upward or shut my eyes and picked out three Runes and placed them in order

of past /Urdhr-on left hand side , then present…


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new to runes

Brief story of how I came across the runes: Let me start by saying I am of Puerto Rican descent. My religion is Santeria (lukumi/Yoruba pantheon, you should look it up). Anyway, I never heard of the runes in my life until I started to have dreams. Some huge big dude came to me and was carving something. At first I couldn't tell what it was. Now mind you these dreams started happening everyday. As time went on the symbols he was carving kept getting more and more clear. I myself started writing… Continue

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Shaping, Re-shaping, and Wyrd

Lately, I have felt the pressure and pulling of the energies that have been impacting the planet. I have heard here and there that this month particularly will be full of changes and transformative energy will abound.

Inwardly, I have been processing alot of "emotional baggage", the results of a few abusive relationships and have been struggling with my emotions. Anger is quick to flare up, over really insignificant triggers (usually my kids getting into something they know they…


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A Chapter of 552 Rune-Combo Interpetations

I have not seen this in the literature, but it came to me after writing my last book, and the thought was resurrected while writing the narrative of the murkstaves in this new book, "Questioning the Runes". What I found was that each rune was able to be described in terms of the runes to its immediate right and left. I believe this to be possible with any rune combination.

My chapter would consist of 552 such demonstrations, and I will give an example in this blog post of what…


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Siegfried Adolf Kummer "Runen-Magie".

A little book not yet translated into English as far as I know.

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There is no dogma, you have an awesome power. ( sounds a bit cheesish).

Thanks for this platform. I am so happy..I am certainly for study of rune lore, historical and modern. I've read a lot of books and have realized there is no "right" way. There is my way. Just as there is just your way. And believe you me, you are just as powerful and apt as most experienced vitkar. It comes in time.

The most important point I can stress is instincts. Trust your deep down gut instincts when it comes to your studying and practical applications. A thorough knowledge of… Continue

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Tyriel has Returned

Light travels at a certain speed, and thus the night sky we see is not as it truly is. The ancient stars are more ancient than we can suppose, and the deeper we look, the farther we are from what is Now.

So it has been with my words, as I express thoughts I had, in words you all could understand. I strove for clarity, above all, to establish the foundations of the rune meanings as I understood them, but only as far as I could express clearly.

Whether or not my…


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Something I've been toying with

Being a geek of sorts I have this need to explore things and so I was toying with the idea of the unit circle, a sine wave, the elder futhark, and the nine worlds, plotted together. The X axis, horizontal, is literally the year in our time and the elder futhark plotted in 15 degree increments of 360 degree's. I have…


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You made mention of a matter on my profile you wish to disclose with me privately. I find this request a little odd. Please clarify subject matter, so I can evaluate whether this is something I would like to take offline.



Tim Herlihy

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Rune creation rituals

First let me say that I'm grateful to finally find an active forum!  I'm a relative newbie at this, and have been reading through the usual sources from Thorsson, Oswald, Aswynn, etc...and what I'm really dying to find is the ancient rituals used to create the runes themselves.  I can burn straight lines into tree branches all day long, but I'd like to actually be able to properly empower my runes.  Getting my hands on some of those old practices would go a long way in giving me some…


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Runes and Consciousness: Thorn

From my Facebook page:

The rune that comes to raise awareness and consciousness this week is called Thorn and it actually looks like a…


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Runes and Consciousness: Eh in inverted position

This week’s rune is called Eh and came out in inverted position. It invites to start a journey towards our essence step by step. Shall we start?

The concept of Consciousness that most strongly resonates with me now is “that which accepts all and judges nothing.” If each one of us is an embodied hologram of that Consciousness, this rune invites us to explore how to experience that concept in human form.

Because this is a rune of earth, it whispers that the path shall be taken…


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Looking for Heathen kindreds, groups or individuals in the Seattle/Everett area

 I just relocated to WA (US) and am looking for independent kindreds and Heathens in the Seattle/Everett area. I've been happily solitary for several years, and yet now I feel a strong urge to make connections with others in a more direct way.

  I'd be happy to get to know folks in the area, even just to know who's around here!

  All the best,



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Please do not forget to set a profile photo to put more color on the page

Welcome to all new members, it is good to see more and more kindred here. Please do not forget to set a profile photo to give color to the members page, but most of all we are real people interacting with each other and it does feel little more personal when we can put a face to the discussions on the forum and blog. Looking forwards to get to know you all. Blessings ~Sigha

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Lessons of Hagalaz: Rune of Disaster and Healing

In the face of disaster, compassionate human beings discover that they do not break, but become stronger. We discover that our communities come together, even on a global scale, in face of unimaginable destruction. When the universe shows its inimical side, the side that couldn't care less about average human affairs, it's as if we come together to show overwhelmingly that we care for one another. When the universe demonstrates that it cannot be depended upon, that it is more than able to wreck havoc, we react by showing that we can depend upon one another.

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