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2017 Personal Runecasts

It's that time again! Get your 2017 Personal Runecast to help you navigate the seasonal patterns coming up. This year's cast adds the half-month rune in addition to an intuitive stave drawn for each month. A final rune indicates the overall tone for the year. It's a powerful tool to have, and incisively potent insight, for $80. Feel free to msg/email me for more info or with questions.…


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Today I woke up, fed the pets, and watered my flowers.  I then sat in my yard and closed my eyes and just felt Algiz.  Think contemplate and just be. While I sit there and feel it's power I know life is thriving all around me.  My Algiz is in a sacred place where I believe a great vibration is all around.  At the time I'm there, I just am.  There is no worry or deep thought really, although that comes after.  But to be in it's essence I think forms your physical best version of yourself.…


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yesss! this is amazing. I am a musician and audio engineer, i guess i also fancy myself somewhat of an ambient artist. my music is heavily inspired by the runes..ive always wanted to do an album for the entire elder futhark. im glad to see someone did this album, its so perfect. exactly how i pictured it in my head. Every song really taps into the rune. Amazing. Thank you Tyriel! 

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Hello, all! Some may remember me...

This email may be barging in on a conversation, and thanks for your patience if it is.

Anyway,  got creative tonight and finished up this recent project that I want to share here:

Hopefully it will spark some conversation for me to see who is here that I remember from years ago, and who now…


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Dagaz - Rune Songs for the 21st Century

A glimpse into 'Rune Songs for the 21st Century'. I'm well underway to creating 24 newly inspired songs. For a taste, listen to Dagaz!

If you feel you are able to support me and would like to take part in the creative process please visit …


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Please help

I am looking for answers for the past 2 months I have seen in my dad's home runes.  What I mean is shaped out of household items.  They change when I leave room.  I have had no prior knowledge or experience with the rune alphabet.  My father recently passed.  I have found books on runes which he studied.  I have even found a staff which he carved the rune alphabet.  I have tried to ignore but this has consumed my life and my girlfriends she has seen too.  Very confused with the feelings and…


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An interesting experiment.

Hello all, I'm quite new here, and I've seen little activity. So I thought I would make a post concerning my most recent experiment with the runes. I've decided to try just using the first Aett. The idea I have is to see how it plays out when you're just looking for the physical aspects in answer to what thoughts you're having. Have any of you tried this before? If so I would love to hear any results.

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New to the craft

I have always been a very spiritual and intuitive being ever since I was a small child. I remember counseling my mother about her toxic relationship when I was only 7 years old. As I got older I became interested in eastern religion such as Taoism and Buddhism. The reason why these "religions' enticed me so is because they forced me to look for the answers within rather than look to an invisible "higher being" for guidance while living in the moment as well. I also dabbled with candle magic…


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My introduction to runes

Early this year I began to have "difficulties". At a point when these difficulties started taking on a grave nature, I happened to glance over at some do-dads. I realized their arrangement made them look like a rune. I suddenly recognized it as a rune, although I didn't know it's name or meaning. I looked it up and sure enough it was a rune and it's meaning was dead on to what was happening. I have been seriously studying runes since. I'm just learning the runes' names and meanings,…


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New & driven

Im new to the Runes and driven to learn all I can. I had a stroke a couple years back, and I find that learning new things is extremely more difficult now, but I will not let that stop me.

Im engaged to an Asatru man and he has been teaching me when he can, but not as often as we'd both…


Added by Robyn Downes on September 13, 2014 at 5:17pm — 3 Comments

First 3 days

In the first three days that I have been meditating on runes, the First I pulled was īsaz. The Second was hagalaz, and the Third was gābō. Can anyone elaborate more on the significance of these runes and also how they relate to each other?

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New to Runes

Brief story of how I came across the runes: Let me start by saying I am of Puerto Rican descent. My religion is Santeria (lukumi/Yoruba pantheon, you should look it up). Anyway, I never heard of the runes in my life until I started to have dreams. Some huge big dude came to me and was carving something. At first I couldn't tell what it was. Now mind you these dreams started happening everyday. As time went on the symbols he was carving kept getting more and more clear. I myself started writing… Continue

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Recently feeling very enraged for no reason, drew Thurisaz- relief ensued.

Recently, I was feeling enraged and I had no idea why! The anger was so deep. I found myself being short with everyone- feeling like I was going to snap. I was not at all like myself.

I decided to go into my meditation room and seek advice from my ancestors and from the runes. I started to explain what I was feeling and tears came forth. I had tears from my anger. I asked why I was feeling this way- and what was I so enraged about?

As soon as I put my hand into my rune bag,…


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Shaping, Re-shaping, and Wyrd

Lately, I have felt the pressure and pulling of the energies that have been impacting the planet. I have heard here and there that this month particularly will be full of changes and transformative energy will abound.

Inwardly, I have been processing alot of "emotional baggage", the results of a few abusive relationships and have been struggling with my emotions. Anger is quick to flare up, over really insignificant triggers (usually my kids getting into something they know they…


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A Chapter of 552 Rune-Combo Interpetations

I have not seen this in the literature, but it came to me after writing my last book, and the thought was resurrected while writing the narrative of the murkstaves in this new book, "Questioning the Runes". What I found was that each rune was able to be described in terms of the runes to its immediate right and left. I believe this to be possible with any rune combination.

My chapter would consist of 552 such demonstrations, and I will give an example in this blog post of what…


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Siegfried Adolf Kummer "Runen-Magie".

A little book not yet translated into English as far as I know.

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Tyriel has Returned

Light travels at a certain speed, and thus the night sky we see is not as it truly is. The ancient stars are more ancient than we can suppose, and the deeper we look, the farther we are from what is Now.

So it has been with my words, as I express thoughts I had, in words you all could understand. I strove for clarity, above all, to establish the foundations of the rune meanings as I understood them, but only as far as I could express clearly.

Whether or not my…


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Something I've been toying with

Being a geek of sorts I have this need to explore things and so I was toying with the idea of the unit circle, a sine wave, the elder futhark, and the nine worlds, plotted together. The X axis, horizontal, is literally the year in our time and the elder futhark plotted in 15 degree increments of 360 degree's. I have…


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2017 Personal Runecasts

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