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"Leave no stone unturned."

To find what you seek in the road of life, the best proverb of all is that which says: "Leave no stone unturned." ~Edward Bulwer Lytton~

Saw this on an FB page, having just read an old discussion here, which was very deep and concerned the marriage or divorce of the scientific-empirical / magical-unempirical.  I felt unable to add a comment there as the discussion was a) some time ago and b) over my…


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Intriguing start

I first became completely enthused with the intrigue of runes, when I found a small piece of coral in the sea. I was snorkeling, running my hands through the seabed, and studying the shells and fragments that rested in my palms.

This little piece of coral, meant something. I didn't know what it meant, but I could feel it's energy. I kept it.

I stumbled across a rune webpage (not this one!) and it struck me that this little piece resembled a rune. I thought it was Thuriasz… Continue

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Ansuz – Inspiration and Answer


Ansuz is my favorite rune. The gift of words is something that has always fascinated me. It allows us to grow in so many different ways. We learn through words, we share through words, we are blessed by our Gods and Goddess through their words in dreams and in our hearts. Turning a feeling into words is one of the most magical experiences the everyday human being may have. We can extract the importance of inspired words from mythology as well, seeing that Odin went a great…


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Ansuz: Consciousness and Words as Creative Power

Ansuz: my words have creative power…


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Ansuz, the Storyteller

Darpans journal

Day 4

I am camping on the ledge of a beautiful cliff. The sun is just rising, a refreshing breeze is caressing my face, hair in the wind. And the air I breathe is vitalizing and promising of new beginnings.

The journey so far has been interesting to say the least. Only a day on the path I found this wonderful walking stick. It fits perfectly in my hand and fills me with a sense of power. I took it as a good sign for the journey.

Although I must…


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The True Warrior Fights with His Mind, and no blood need be shed.

Who Are You? Why do You Exist? What is Your Purpose? ... and most importantly, WHAT IS OUR PURPOSE?

These are the questions that resonate with us on a day to day basis, and there have been several attempts at making these answers known to the world of man. Every day we run into individuals who think they "have it all figured out" and even ourselves we have those days of "total illumination." Yet, there are also the days that shadow over us and force us to…


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THURISAZ – Thorns and Thor.

The thunder outside my window on the first big storm these last couple weeks made me remember I hadn’t written anything on Thurisaz yet. Maybe because this rune is like a thorn for me, not only in shape but as in one of those runes that I have a hard time gripping the meaning and using it appropriately.

So I had a couple of very hardcore experiences after meditating over this rune. A Romanian author, Mirella Faur (currently living in Brazil), wrote in her book Mistérios Nórdicos…


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Thundering Threatening Thurisaz

The first thing that jumps out to me when studying Thurisaz, is its duality. It represents Thor and also the Giants he fights (which may be seen as personifications of the Divine Created Order and Chaos), can be used as a defence against penetrating forces, but also used as the lightning force that penetrates a defence. I also get the image of the tarot card the Tower, where lighting strikes down the tower of the old self so the True Self can be revealed. From…


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16? 24?

I need some help here guys. So the runes have been a part of my daily waking and sleeping life for the last two years now, and i have also come across a system of runes that consist of 16 runes. The Younger Futhark. This is the system that was used by the Vikings and are in the last remaining writings discovered in Iceland right before the Roman led Christian takeover of the northern European countries. Now i feel compelled and pulled towards this younger set, and in fact have cut and…


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Through the eyes of the beholder...Gebo

A little something that crossed my mind and had me chewing it like a gum ;)

A gift does not have to be an object that one buys. It can be something that is only for the eyes of the beholder. Something to remember rather than to possess. Bless the with remembering what just has been given. Gebo X

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Uruz Focus: Tyriel's Summary

The second rune of our free rune course, Uruz, was not as popular as Fehu, which goes to show that a fresh beginning which generates excitement must also tap into the enduring power of Uruz to continue manifesting.

It's well and good to start something, but we often underestimate the hard work and challenges, yes even the boredom that we must sometimes slug our way through after the…


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