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A Critique of Understanding: Nietzsche and the Runes

I’ll begin this critique with an aphorism of Neitzsche’s (my favorite German philosopher) because I would like to explore a point of his.


“Being deep and appearing deep — Whoever knows he is deep strives for clarity; whoever would like to appear deep to the crowd, strives for obscurity. For the crowd considers anything deep if only it cannot see the bottom: the crowd is so timid and afraid of going into the…


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interactive art and runeology

This year, a friend and I made an interative art piece, consisting of the 24 runes carved in limestone, with a centre piece combining the medicine wheel, the 4 directions, the 4 elements, sacred geomentry, the alchemical process in the human soul and runes for the centre.…


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Getting past myself

I have been studying the runes since the summer of 2000. It really has changed my life. I have taken a very twisted path to get where I am, and it hasn't always been pretty, but it has been what it has been.  My study has taken its path from reading contemporary authors, to immersing myself in sagas for a cultural study, to mediation on my own.


When it comes to the runes I have been in a bit of a blockage.  Where I have been with this is that my academics are solid. My head…


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My first attempt at combining Tarot and Runes

First off thank you for welcoming me to Rune Secrets and the community. Secondly, I only received my rune set yesterday and I'm a complete novice re Runes. I have been reading Tarot regularly since 2006.


I would love input on my interpretations. This is my answer to the following exercise: http://fortunasoracle.ning.com/forum/topics/daily-reflection-death -- From Fortuna's Oracle…


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I've noticed runes have been appearing in my dreams lately.  They are usually on objects in a market place that sort of shows up. They are usually on necklaces. I don't remember all that appear but I do remember Isa and Ehwaz or Mannaz I'm not to sure.   I really need to pay better attention so I can remember the others.  Maybe figure out how to lucid dream so I can pick them up or something.


At least the ones I remember sort of fit.  I'm…


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Let Me Be the First to Welcome You! (Introductions)

I'm so happy to see so many joining the community so soon after it being announced. That really encourages me and I am excited to know you better.


I already see folk from all over the world, which means we are certain to be a community rich in views and practices. I encourage you to share them openly and without fear.


Tell me about yourself! How did you find the runes? Where have they taken you and what kinds of insights and wisdom have you learned? What…


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Study Rune Meanings


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Introduction and Greetings

Started by Jay Mc in Community Mar 4.

Shut Down & New Music and Adventures 5 Replies

Started by Tyriel [Rune Secrets Admin] in Announcements. Last reply by Ben McInnis Feb 22.

Casting cloth

Started by Ethan Hall in Community Feb 11.

Help to translate a phrase for a tatoo 1 Reply

Started by Matheus Victor in Community. Last reply by SeekerOfSummons Jan 26.

The Combination of runes 1 Reply

Started by SeekerOfSummons in Community. Last reply by SeekerOfSummons Jan 26.

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Rune Books and Curriculum

The Curriculum of Rune Magick I highly encourage you to build your library starting from these sources. A lot of good stuff is out of print, but these books have stood the test of time and/or popularity. All links go to Amazon, where you’ll find more reviews, similar books and pricing information. Enjoy! The Book … Continue reading Rune Books and Curriculum

Tyriel Requests Your Patronage!

Hail, friend! You may know me as Tyriel, author of “The Book of Rune Secrets”, but in every day life, I am simply James. I come to you today seeking support and patronage to bring my recent work on the runes to fruition, using Patreon, at http://patreon.com/jscrawley.  I have been a quiet observer of the … Continue reading Tyriel Requests Your Patronage!

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