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An Experiment in Wisdom

I've long thought of seeking out some of the best minds of the Western philosophical tradition, and finding the runic thinking within them. When I was at the height of my absorption of rune principles, I would often mark the symbols on the side of books I was reading, when an idea seemed in accordance with what I knew of a rune. I wondered if anyone else did this?

Either way, I suffer from an interest in all wisdom, of every tradition, though the runes were my first gateway…


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Three Runes for tomorrow, December 21.

Isa + Thurisaz + Hagalaz

Very interesting Runes for Sosltice's day.

It seems something is going to change a bit... Something is going to be shaken!

Any thoughts?

Added by Silvio Moacir Peixe Alves on December 20, 2012 at 10:42am — No Comments

Ascribing Runic Correspondances to Each Tarot Trump Card

Several members who have been following me have been watching me struggle with learning to divine with the runes. I'm an experienced tarot reader and use other mediums as well (generalized oracle cards, dowsing pendulums, scrying crystals, the Celtic Ogham fews, etc). So far I'm finding this exploration to be, literally, dizzying. So far my opinion is that the runes ARE trumps themselves but are along a vastly different avenue of meaning than the tarot's trump cards. However, I'm having much…


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Nine Runes Spread

I want to share a spread I've customized from others I have seen around. I have meditated about possible meanings to its positions along several readings I did in the last months. Hope you like it and it serves to the greater good!

(1)    (2)    (3)


(4)    (5)    (6)


(7)    (8)    (9)

1. present, start point, general situation;

2. goals, desires, wishes;

3. expectations about future (hopes and fears like in…


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Runes I'm Currently Working On/Studying

Runes I'm Currently Working On/Studying


Perdro (revered)

Wunjo (reversed)





(From 12/13/12)

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Orlog and Wyrd

I was not familiar with the concept of Orlog, I tought it was Wyrd alone weaving the web of creation...I read that Orlog is the Primal Law underlying Multiverse and Wyrd is a particular destiny emerging from Orlog. In other words things have to obey such an underlying law to develop fully and fulfill its destiny... Today someone in this community taught me about the Nature's Will and now I just learned about Orlog... Synchronicity and Symmetry! 

Added by Silvio Moacir Peixe Alves on December 13, 2012 at 7:02pm — 6 Comments

Asking Yes/No Questions With The Runes

My book on runes (not Tyriel's although I do own that too and definitely recommend it - I have it in both Kindle and paperback) mentions a way to ask the runes yes/no questions. The way it explains to do it is to take out three, set them all down face down, rearrange them a few times while asking your question and then turn them back face up.

Three right side up = strong yes

Three reversed = strong no

Two right side up and one reversed = yes

Two reversed and one face…


Added by Eachna Fianna on December 13, 2012 at 1:30am — 6 Comments

More protection Runes

Added by Silvio Moacir Peixe Alves on December 11, 2012 at 11:52am — 3 Comments

Protection Rune

Added by Silvio Moacir Peixe Alves on December 11, 2012 at 11:30am — 4 Comments

New rune set! (with pictures!) :D

I just bought a fourth rune set. It was made by Valkyrie Cox ("Val") who handmakes metaphysical items and sells them in her shop, Luna Blue Boutique ( This set is in pink with gold glitter made out of Fimo and dedicated to the Vanir. That completes all the rune sets this seller makes and I'm happy with each and every one of them so I doubt I'll be buying any other sets anytime soon.…


Added by Eachna Fianna on December 10, 2012 at 2:19am — 2 Comments

My Birthday Reading

Every year on my birthday I do a twelve card/stone/stave reading for a theme for each month of the following year. This is the first year I've done it with runes. I did not include murk-staves because I'm going to be looking at the reversal meaning as well as the upright meaning for each one, not just in a divinatory sense but also as project to work through half of the entirety of the runes themselves... (I am however noting  which ones did come up reverse just for accurate recording…


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Pictures of my three Rune sets

Here are pictures of my three rune set. The first one (blue/purple) was made in honor of Freyja, the second set (green) was made in honor of the Valkyries and the third set (lavender) was made in honor of both Odin and Valhalla. There is a third set that's pink that was made in honor of the Vanir. I intend to buy it eventually but don't have it just yet ;) Oh yeah, for those who are wondering, they were made from Fimo. I use each set for different things...



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Pictures of Birthday Presents!

Just wanted to share a picture or two of my favorite birthday presents I've received this year :)


These are a wand that was custom made for me by an artist who's a friend. She's also the person that made my rune sets for me.




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How to write the "e" in futhark

In the dutch word liefde, the "e" at the end is pronounced as the e in "the". 

I am not really sure though which rune would sound like that. Ehwaz sounds like the english "a", and Uruz sounds like the english "oo".

 Does anybody here rune could be used for most closely resemblence?

Added by Hazelares on December 8, 2012 at 6:28am — 13 Comments

a bind-rune in a dream

Ok, here is an admittedly weird post, which may or may not be an example of going off the deep end; but here it goes anyway.........

Last night I had an incredibly vivid dream in which I was driving through Manhattan and saw a vision of a huge antenna-like rune(?), black with an outline, hovering among the skyscrapers as I was driving. The colossal shape carried a sort of weighted presence like an otherworldly visitation. the vision came and went, and then the dream continued…


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My Thoughts on Murk-Staves

This is purely opinion based on a very short history of having worked with the runes for divination purposes... 

In my opinion, I'm not so sure that runes should be drawn reverse side up. So far in my readings, I've pulled many runes upside-down which would have portrayed a lot of bad outcomes, however, it always seems to turn out that the original meaning of the right-side up rune is what comes into play.

Of course there is the negative and the opposite along with the…


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The Book of Rune Secrets for Kindle and Kobo

The Book of Rune Secrets is now available for your Kindle or for your Kobo! This is a copy of the email I sent to members and newsletter followers. Except in blog form! Yay!

It is the gift giving season, and the hottest gift appears to be the revolutionary e-reader. Whether you have your eyes on a…

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