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Dagaz - Rune Songs for the 21st Century

A glimpse into 'Rune Songs for the 21st Century'. I'm well underway to creating 24 newly inspired songs. For a taste, listen to Dagaz!


If you feel you are able to support me and would like to take part in the creative process please visit …


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A Chapter of 552 Rune-Combo Interpetations

I have not seen this in the literature, but it came to me after writing my last book, and the thought was resurrected while writing the narrative of the murkstaves in this new book, "Questioning the Runes". What I found was that each rune was able to be described in terms of the runes to its immediate right and left. I believe this to be possible with any rune combination.

My chapter would consist of 552 such demonstrations, and I will give an example in this blog post of what…


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Tyriel has Returned

Light travels at a certain speed, and thus the night sky we see is not as it truly is. The ancient stars are more ancient than we can suppose, and the deeper we look, the farther we are from what is Now.

So it has been with my words, as I express thoughts I had, in words you all could understand. I strove for clarity, above all, to establish the foundations of the rune meanings as I understood them, but only as far as I could express clearly.

Whether or not my…


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An Experiment in Wisdom

I've long thought of seeking out some of the best minds of the Western philosophical tradition, and finding the runic thinking within them. When I was at the height of my absorption of rune principles, I would often mark the symbols on the side of books I was reading, when an idea seemed in accordance with what I knew of a rune. I wondered if anyone else did this?

Either way, I suffer from an interest in all wisdom, of every tradition, though the runes were my first gateway…


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The Book of Rune Secrets for Kindle and Kobo

The Book of Rune Secrets is now available for your Kindle or for your Kobo! This is a copy of the email I sent to members and newsletter followers. Except in blog form! Yay!

It is the gift giving season, and the hottest gift appears to be the revolutionary e-reader. Whether you have your eyes on a…

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Notes on Fehu as a representation of "Wealth"

I've been focusing on Fehu this summer, so that I can do some of the creative things that give me the most joy in life, but that don't necessarily pay the rent and put food on the table. Historically, for most people, this has been writing books and making music. We hear about the Super Star authors and musicians, but there are far, far more who need a day job. I'm one of those, for now. Still, isn't the Dream to elevate ourselves beyond this 'rat race' and pursue our passions…


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Othala: Identity, Race and Cultural Heritage

I am taking the liberty of violating my own Charter here, because rather than bury this in a thread which I have now closed, I felt I should start a personal blog post to clarify my position (and thus this community's policy) on the topic of 'racial identity', and 'cultural heritage' which has been a disappointing constraint of discussions about runology since Guido Von List's Armanen (edit: NOT Armanian) Runes, and their use in the Aryan mythology of the Nazi party last…


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Uruz Focus: Tyriel's Summary

The second rune of our free rune course, Uruz, was not as popular as Fehu, which goes to show that a fresh beginning which generates excitement must also tap into the enduring power of Uruz to continue manifesting.

It's well and good to start something, but we often underestimate the hard work and challenges, yes even the boredom that we must sometimes slug our way through after the…


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Fehu Focus: Tyriel's Summary

The first rune of the free rune course, Fehu, drew a lot of interest, and reached 67 replies. I hope everyone had a chance to read through them. I'd love to see more questions appear in the comments from those of us newer to the runes, because questions always provoke more responses.

My stated objective for this site was always that I would like to make it a space for others to 'take…


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Please Write your Reviews/Testimonals for the Book

So the time has come for me to write some promotional material, and I have a couple of reviews on Amazon to work with from Loclynn and Jason, and a little something by Jesse Panzer I can scrape together, but I haven't gone out of my way to call out to you for some reviews, critical feedback, good words, and other testimonials.

Testimonials are really important when it comes to books. Think about it... we're always recommending good books to others, and we will…


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A Critique of Understanding: Nietzsche and the Runes

I’ll begin this critique with an aphorism of Neitzsche’s (my favorite German philosopher) because I would like to explore a point of his.


“Being deep and appearing deep — Whoever knows he is deep strives for clarity; whoever would like to appear deep to the crowd, strives for obscurity. For the crowd considers anything deep if only it cannot see the bottom: the crowd is so timid and afraid of going into the…


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Let Me Be the First to Welcome You! (Introductions)

I'm so happy to see so many joining the community so soon after it being announced. That really encourages me and I am excited to know you better.


I already see folk from all over the world, which means we are certain to be a community rich in views and practices. I encourage you to share them openly and without fear.


Tell me about yourself! How did you find the runes? Where have they taken you and what kinds of insights and wisdom have you learned? What…


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Is It Okay to "Remix" the Runes?

[ I removed this from comments in another thread because it was off-topic, and developed it into its own blog post, a practice I encourage everyone to cultivate when possible ;) ]

I am heavily influenced by the remix culture and creative thinking of today's musicians, designers and artists. It's going to show up in my interpretations and my attitudes. But I can't imagine that it is something completely 'new' in itself. Did the anglo-saxon author 'remix' an older,…


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