Ok, here is an admittedly weird post, which may or may not be an example of going off the deep end; but here it goes anyway.........

Last night I had an incredibly vivid dream in which I was driving through Manhattan and saw a vision of a huge antenna-like rune(?), black with an outline, hovering among the skyscrapers as I was driving. The colossal shape carried a sort of weighted presence like an otherworldly visitation. the vision came and went, and then the dream continued on its relatively irrelevant course...































Does anyone have any good interpretations of what this glyph or bind-rune (if it is that) could mean? I myself have re-drawn this symbol into standard runic form. Because when carving runes, all the lines have to go against the grain of the wood, there cannot be right angles; and so, when re-drawing this glyph runically, the large horizontal line goes diagonally, to make a huge NAUDIZ; and I make each of the smaller horizontal lines into triangles in the sense of the TEIWAZ rune - a downwards pointing TEIWAZ above, an upwards pointing TEIWAZ below.


I remember this glyph in a couple competing ways. I mean that in the dream the two smaller horizontal lines might actually have been arcs, like those that are in the Wiccan symbol of the Goddess )O(.


Any random or non-random thoughts about this?


Other thoughts I have: there is a crucifix here, which in itself I would say symbolizes the intersection of the Numinous (vertical, like EIWAZ and Yggdrasil) and the Phenomenal (Midgard, Middle-Earth), which is what each sentient being is...


There seems to be two competing Truths (T for Truth and T for TEIWAZ), and out of this competition comes the Need-fire (NAUDIZ) to fuel life..........

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Comment by Christopher Alton Lung on December 10, 2012 at 9:17am

I have no idea what the interpretation of it might be, but it might be a bindrune that came to you in response to a need or desire you might have expressed recently, and the bindrune was given to asist you in the situation.  Try making a paper talisman out of it, and do some work with it.  You might try any of the techniques of pathworking/guided meditation to unlock what it may mean/be used for.  Symbols that come in dreams can be very potent.

Comment by Francis on December 10, 2012 at 10:17am

Yes, thank you! In addition to the Runic analysis above of it being NAUDIZ with two TEIWAZ's, i am also reminded of a HAGALAZ in the Younger Futhark style with a vertical line with an x in the middle.

However, dreams come and go every night; thoughts come and go every night and day; symbols come and go, and may symbolize this or that one moment, that or this the next; so on... Yet with that personal disclaimer to myself, I may still work a bit more with this symbol.

Comment by Taylor on January 24, 2013 at 10:10pm

Do some research into Carl Jung. 

He was an Alchemist, and in my opinion the best psychologist in known history. 
Pay attention to your dreams, they are very important. Never dismiss them, it is your higher-self communicating with your conscious mind. PAY ATTENTION! You deserve to. 

Comment by Francis on January 24, 2013 at 10:32pm

Thank you, Taylor! Advice well taken. :)

Comment by Tyriel [Rune Secrets Admin] on January 27, 2013 at 2:03am

I share Taylor's fondness of Carl G. Jung. I am studying the Red Book at the moment, which was his personal and secret works... looks very much like a large red book you'd find some ancient wizard leafing through, and the content is about as raw and deep as you can get. Jung was forced to keep a lot of his mystical leanings away from his professional work in science, but his perceptions and the language he used in his personal world are exquisit.

Man and His Symbols should also be required reading, though it is a pretty heavy read. 

And I'm not certain but I believe Jung was a psychoanalyst -- I'm unsure of whether or not there was a difference at the time but there are many types of psychologists now.

Comment by Taylor on January 29, 2013 at 2:16am

I haven't heard about the Red Book, going to look into it. And yes I agree Man and His Symbols is a must read and a very good book. I should have suggested that. 

Another is Psychology and Alchemy, although it is very esoteric. If you are not a deep reader stick with Man and His Symbols. I just thumbed through Psychology and Alchemy (it is full of illustrations)  to see if there was something similar to your illustration. I found nothing that struck me. 

I wish C J would have done some works on the runes it would have been fascinating to study it. In fact I'm going to take a closer look at C J works and see if I can find some correlations to the runes. 

Comment by Loclynn on January 30, 2013 at 1:33am

Two truths separated by the need rune..Or Two truths brought together by the need rune.  The crucifix The truth of the flesh and its mortality on the cross there together with the truth of the immortal spirit .The agony of suffering who's transcendence  through experiences is found in the empathetic quest for understanding.   


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