I've long thought of seeking out some of the best minds of the Western philosophical tradition, and finding the runic thinking within them. When I was at the height of my absorption of rune principles, I would often mark the symbols on the side of books I was reading, when an idea seemed in accordance with what I knew of a rune. I wondered if anyone else did this?

Either way, I suffer from an interest in all wisdom, of every tradition, though the runes were my first gateway into organizing my mind and seeking 'enlightenment' (which I'm not certain exists; whatever works). So, I will often stumble upon things I think would stir up debate or conversation, but they have nothing immediate to do with the runes.

I've read some Schopenhauer and decided he was sufficiently gloomy as a thinker to lend his aid in populating the vast grey areas that are missing from the left over positive carnage that New Age thought seems to have left in its wake.

For example,

You must allow everyone the right to exist in accordance with the character he has, whatever it turns out to be: and all you should strive to do is to make use of this character in such a way as its kind of nature permits, rather than to hope for any alteration in it, or to condemn it offhand for what it is. This is the true sense of the maxim—Live and let live…. To become indignant at [people’s] conduct is as foolish as to be angry with a stone because it rolls into your path. And with many people the wisest thing you can do, is to resolve to make use of those whom you cannot alter.

Take this quotation and you'll find that many runes could be related. Tiwaz always strikes me as appropriate for any matters to do with the judgement of others. Kenaz also would fit in terms of it being a rune of craft, 'making use' knowledgeably. Ehwaz, because I find that Schopenhauer's words, above, about people seem to ring with great compassion if applied to this rune, while applying it to Mannaz for me makes the same words take on a darker edge.

But what do you think?

I would like to see some great quotations found outside of rune lore that might be brought into focus as runic lessons. Reply with some, if you have them!

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Comment by Manos on December 31, 2012 at 10:26am

Hi Tyriel 

One of my beloved quotations is the below one

We come from a dark abyss, we end in a dark abyss, and we call the luminous interval life.

(Nikos Kazantzakis)

This quotation provides one great key to unlock the mysteries of the death. I can't but see Eihwaz wandering around every single word of it.

Comment by Tyriel [Rune Secrets Admin] on December 31, 2012 at 3:14pm

@Manos Eihwaz and I tend to associate Perthro's deeper meaning with the unmanifest (the dark abyss) and the 'total coincidence' of life. Love the quotation.

@Michael Emerson just makes me melt, whenever I read him. Your quotation is no exception. My wife adores horse riding, and jumping and we haven't been able to afford that for her since she is completing her Masters in university. We look forward to a time when horses are once again central.

Amazing, let's see more quotations, everyone!

Comment by Steven Nickeson on January 1, 2013 at 4:21pm

So this is a verse from a song called "A Long Road Home" by the late Mickey Newbury:

"Hoist the sails, men, to hell with the breeze,
Pray for a wind that will bend all the trees,
A storm that will bring every man to his knees,
Here's to the raging sea."

It is all Ansuz and Hagalaz...

One can google that song on you tube--everything else about it is Raidho, maybe a little Wunjo and a tiny bit of Degaz. But it that's not required because its mostly an insider's story for those of us who lived in Nashville, 1970s.

Comment by Loclynn on January 1, 2013 at 9:40pm

I might be missing the topic here as my mind is often full of mirrors and angles of reflection, but I think I understand it if not wake me up :) 

So In Herman Hesse's novel Demian he explores C.G Junks ideas of individuation. This novel IMO is an excellent example of Ingwaz and Ihwaz and in a darker way could be seen to touch on Othala's more right leaning history of racial solidarity.

In the novel the caricature Emil Sinclairs is confronted by the nationalistic leanings of the zeitgeist that was in the end manifest in   WW2, He rejects this pull of the zeitgeist by diving deeply into the roots of Ihwaz and it is here that he finds the seeds (Ingwaz) to his own individual self expression.

Comment by Loclynn on January 1, 2013 at 9:45pm

You must allow everyone the right to exist in accordance with the character he has, whatever it turns out to be: and all you should strive to do is to make use of this character in such a way as its kind of nature permits, rather than to hope for any alteration in it

This line is very Laguz. 


Comment by sammadur on January 2, 2013 at 1:11pm

So many general associations crowd in mind! After all the idea of existence in accordance with one's true nature takes us as far away from the gloomy German and as far back in time as Lao Tse! William Blake hovers in vicinity too:-) And then: with some you should not give your hand but your paw and I wish that paw would have claws too - as a likely response to having to face the Other as he is! (When you are at the Ting argue not with fools - evil words can a fool utter without evil in mind. But you should not keep silence either lest you shall be taken for coward or the libel believed - better kill the liar the next day - that way you shall pay for his base lies). - could be a darker way to interpret the verse... I think dealing with others the way they are must be the true "stalking" or "path of the warrior" or "making the crooked path straight is the way of Improvement, but walking them as they are is the way of Genius" Hence I think in the first way we have to think of the runes that have to do with retaining our own shape without being crushed by others: Urus, Thurisaz, Mannaz, Berkana and probably Othala next comes understanding who/what we are dealing with and to what end - Algiz, Fehu, Ansuz - and then again some kind of interaction has to be established - Ehwaz, Laguz, Issa - whichever appropriate. 

Comment by sammadur on January 2, 2013 at 1:14pm

Oh yes, makes me recall the story of Don Juan making his student run away from the mountain lion:-)

Comment by sammadur on January 2, 2013 at 1:20pm

And forgive me my very loose quoting - I am sure it conveys the overall ideas though...

Comment by Jason L Miller on January 11, 2013 at 10:17am

I do that actually- In the diary I keep I have made notes on your book and the website and in the margins its all cross referenced with movies and songs and other similar ideas from other philosophies and the like

Comment by sammadur on January 11, 2013 at 12:29pm

Oh Æsir og Vanir geta allir okkar hafa tíma og tækifæri til að stunda visku!

Oh Aesir and Vanir may all of us have time and opportunity to pursue wisdom!


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