In the first three days that I have been meditating on runes, the First I pulled was īsaz. The Second was hagalaz, and the Third was gābō. Can anyone elaborate more on the significance of these runes and also how they relate to each other?

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Comment by Loclynn on August 13, 2014 at 3:41pm

Maybe I can help you with the process. Your first Rune is Isa ..  In Norse myth the world is made of fire and Ice Isa is that primordial Ice. Remember that runes are not bound to there past thus we can speak of them in the most modern of metaphors. 

What might Ice mean in the context of creation? The active force is fire Kenaz you will note that most runes are types of bind runes of these tow shapes. 

Your next rune is the rune of Hail, thus an active manifestation of Isa, storms are chaotic injections disrupting and thereby forcing change. 

Finally you have Gebo, now gebo is often thought of as a gift, but in this context it is indicating its self as a medium of exchange.

Comment by Michael Saenz on August 13, 2014 at 10:50pm
Thank you for your insight.
Knowing this then, would it be prudent to interpret this as Isa as the beginning of my journey (the seeking of knowledge of Runes)?
Hagalaz as the evidence or culmination of my awareness of this new insight or knowledge of Runes and their meaning, and the change that is occurring (with in me) because of it?
And, gabo as the gift or reward gained from all this?

Because that is how I feel.
Comment by Loclynn on August 13, 2014 at 10:53pm

Taking you at your word literally :)  (Meditation about the runes ) Then Isa makes good on it being a foundational rune. A study of Ice and its structure brings you straight into the whole world of geometry and so much more.  Characteristics then look at Hydrogen bond

Comment by Loclynn on August 13, 2014 at 11:56pm

Runes are not magik, but rather runes carve out the Magik that is already within you.  They focus the mind, cutting with their sharp edges. We live in a world of extraordinary knowledge, thus seeing the runes in our time means seeing them in a modern context.  Using the whole of our global mind to form the memes of this unfolding world. One can not have words of power with out having first had Thoughts of Power.  The point of words is to express. Runes serve to teach us the craft of manifest expression. Runes therfor are but a medium, a tool, a technology.

Comment by Michael Saenz on August 14, 2014 at 12:21am
I have been reading the Elder Eddas to get more of an ancient view of the origins of the Runes and how they were used and view in both practical or everyday life and in ritualistic or religious practice. Studying the root origin. There's so much information out there that I'm sure it would take a life time to "master" or learn if not everything there is to know at least a substantial amount of knowledge. But I am feeling the energy that they represent and I'm just using it as a focal instrument to reach a higher understanding of myself and the energies that are flowing about me. I'll try to visit those links and use them to expand my knowledge and continue on my path of meditation. Btw it has brought me quite a lot of faith and happiness. So I'm glad that I found and taken this path. Thank you again for your help. :)
Comment by Loclynn on August 14, 2014 at 1:14am

Terence Mckenna called  this thing we are doing here as (The Archaic Revival.) What he meant by this is that those of us who are seekers will be reaching far back into ancient history to find the needed architecture to manifest the new age.  The Shaman goes out of him/her self and into that place called the (Other) J,R, Tolkien called this place (The Perilous Realm or the Land of Fairy) the shaman dose so not just to visit, but rather to bring back something of there to here. It is here were we live and breath that we need power.  To reach back to the beginning of runes is to look even further into the real of symbolic getuser, ritual dance and the grunting of chant. Steping into the fulness of the runes and then pulling them back up through time and space ejackulating them out i the primal act of rebirth. 

Comment by Michael Saenz on August 14, 2014 at 9:27am
So then, to continue on the path or the original topic of this blog, the next three days have produced these runes: Uruz,
Nauthiz, & Tiwaz.
What is your interpretation of these, individually, as well as their correlation to each other?
(Just a side note I have been listing them in the order that they've been presenting themselves.)
Comment by Loclynn on August 14, 2014 at 2:40pm

When new to the runes it is difficult to not go fast, but truly "The longest path i the shortest way"  That said you have drawn Uraz this is the primal untamed power of nature, the rune points to the the now extinct bovin of northern Europe.  This raw energy is then followed by Neuthis often called the need rune, this rune is akin to starting a fire with a rubbing stick it requires a lot of work and dedication nw this concept is then followed by Tyer this  rune is the rune of justice.But it is also the rune of the left hand path this is because the God for whom the rune is modeled after. This God starts out as a God of war but he sacrifices his sword hand (Hand of power) thus he transitions from a God of war to a God of justice. This is a very deep subject, but in brief. Justice tempers Law by seeking justice one seeks cause and to do so one must look into the way in which actions are justified. To understand justification one must look through the eyes of empathy. La has no beend it has no empathy, the law is ridged and unmoving were as Justice in its willingness to find just cause is open to see beyond right and wrong and into the much larger world of shadows and shades of gray. 

Comment by Michael Saenz on August 15, 2014 at 7:44am
Very interesting. I'm finding that the Runes that I'm meditating on have very close semblance to what I'm going through in my life. And before I get ahead of myself, in regard to your comment about not going too fast, I agree.
Just to give you some insight of how I practice with Runes, this is basically what I do. I wake in the morning, while facing North, I say a prayer to the Gods over the bag of Runes in which I ask for their guidance in adhering to the Nine Noble Virtues and in the quest for courage, knowledge, wisdom, & strength and give them praise. I then reach in the bag give them a stir and pull a single Rune. The meditation process is yet even more simple. As I'm new to the Runes I still don't know them all to heart so I look up their name, their meaning and any other information on them that I can find. When my meditation is done, i put the rune in my pocket and carry it with me through out the day. Revisiting it though the day.
So far every one has been very prevalent to my current situation in life in one aspect or another.
Now with that said, in regard to not getting ahead of myself or as you put it going too fast, I plan on continuing this pattern until I have pulled every Rune in the Futhark. Only after I have done this will I explore further practices of the Runes such as casting them and magical practices.
Again I thank you for your insight and am glad you are taking the time to assist me. May you be blessed.
Comment by Loclynn on August 16, 2014 at 12:23am

I am coming on to my twentieth year working with runes, the transformation has been more then I had ever expected. I never made an active agreement with the runes, they have always just been there in my world of activity. But now I see them as my access to a friend who has a voice only herd thru runes. A language of image shape and form. A medium of communication with that random intangibility that some have named God. But don't do that! For to name anything is to limit its probability.Which  brings me to next point :) 

Naming is limiting understanding a rune means to fully name it, to find an intimate understanding of its meaning in the world around us. To look into any situation and asses its runic message. What is the state of Isa in our world? Where are the storms (Hagalaz ) where is all the exchange (Gebo) ... To the extent that you see and understand the world is the extent to which you understand the runes. 

Now I throw the wrench in the works :) Having said you must fully name the rune, I must tell you the rune can not be fully named... Like Pi is a infinite the circle of any one rune is infinitely dense.   


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