I posted this in a comment, but thought it might be better served as a blog. Please forgive the redundancy. 

For me I see Kenaz as the bent Isa, That is at the bend is the point of friction this is its kinetic energy that is the fire that arises out of movement.   In looking at the runes as a whole I often look for the active role of kenaz  as embedded into the rune.
So that a rune like Gebo can be seen as having a four fold expression of Kenaz. The Spirit of gifting, the giver of the gift, the gift itself and the gifted. No matter who you are in the exchange you both receive and give of this Kenaz energy in the form of emotional wealth.  

The Kenaz of Thurisaz is seen in the point of the hammer whereas Isa can be seen in the handle. This stability of Isa  directs the fire of kenaz to its task.  This can be understood in the fact that creativity is an act of both creating chaos and then organising it into new forms of expression.

In Raidho  we see the inverse and converse form of Kenaz can be seen on the arm of Isa; pointing us to the understanding that our journey through life is both an inward and an outward expression of experiences. Note how one arm of the Kenaz is merged with the other in a  mirroring effect . This tells us that inner and outer worlds are reflections of each other.

Tyr has its Kenaz on its tip it is the upright gesture of law and justice Tiwaz is also the spear and its power rests in its tip. Tiwaz is the cross upon which Odin/Christ is sacrificed (self unto self)  and there at the tip og Tyr is the Godhead.

The Kenaz of Jera perfectly expresses the four seasons of the  twofold nature the lunar year. Here you can see the four season, the four elemental forces of occultism, the four suits of the Taro. The structure of  Jerra reveals that the soloists are open ended while the equinoxe is closed.

The Kenaz of the Birch rune shows the full breast of the nurturing mother and the full belly of the life giving womb. The whole of the life cycle can be seen in a study of the Birch tree/Goddess.

The Kenaz of Ehwaz joins that power of beast and rider into a single expression of form and function. This rune points out that the energy/power of Ehwaz is in the stability of two equally yoked partners or pairs.

This same union can be seen in Mannaz only here we see two kenaz expressing the threefold hope of all lovers and unions, the Gebo of exchange, the Wunjo of peace and all the days.to come. Dagaz.

The Kenaz of Inguz is the contained seed. Here the Kenaz is holds and contains the fire. This is the kings seet, it is the place of all hope. Everything dies and must die. Without death there is no life. Igwaz holds the hope of immortality.

In Othala we see both the seed and the expression of the seed Kenaz forms in Othala the seed of Inguz and the expression n of the gift in Gebo.

Kenaz is also related to the word Cunt and although this is a derogatory word in the christian world it was not so in the past. A cunt was in fact a cunning woman, but this was a quality not a fault. In a time when women held great power and respect; being a cunt was a powerful thing. Even nowadays if a man calls a woman a cunt it is because she has in some way offended his self appointed entailment to authority. Otherwise he would not resort to the use of the word. So that you can see it still carries with it the authority of equality.  The strength of a man can win a battle but it takes cunning to win the war. To be cunning is to exercise the mind, to be smart, to have a plan, to think for oneself.    
If you are a woman reading this and the word offends you, please take the time to examine that feeling.... How it got there and how it lords over you.?
If your are a man and this word offends you then take the time to examine yourself..... It it the word or the truth it exposes about you that is offencive?
It is likely that if you take your time and think it out, you will find that your mind is controlled by cultural forces that likely have lead to an unrealised part of your psyche. If your a women you might see how it is that your voice has been silenced and if you're a man you might see how your actions play a part in this silencing effect on your spouse or lover.

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Comment by Maagda Thorenson on June 4, 2014 at 8:18pm

This is an amazing piece of writing and thought.  I'll look at the runes in a whole new way now.  You may have been meditating on Anzuz before writing this.  It also gives the word cunt a whole new meaning.  Deep thoughts on the building blocks of each rune.  Thanks for sharing them.

Comment by Loclynn on June 5, 2014 at 12:13am

Thank you.. Moving on .. what dose it say that shape may give rise to meaning?  The cube is the geometric out pouring of the vesica pica Or the womb of creation Creation in terms of biology is cell division. Food for thought..

Given the fact that sound gives rise to form that is to say that sound and geometry are congruent. . We might be able to weed out how it is that Galdor (chanting/song) gives power to magik. 

Comment by Loclynn on June 5, 2014 at 12:45am

This article points to the power of sound

Comment by Maagda Thorenson on June 5, 2014 at 1:40am

What I read reminds me of this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS67HA4YMCs

Comment by Loclynn on June 5, 2014 at 2:22am

I live in the remote wilderness but it would be cool if someone out there would make a recording of the runes the revealed there physiology. Any of you out there who seek to understand Golder  might find this to be a doorway to verbal manifestation. It could also be that the runes are just an indicator of were we are now in history, that is to say that we live in a world that has and is arising out of dialogue.  The more conscious our definition of reality the more technically advanced we become.

Comment by Percival Goonbuck on June 13, 2014 at 9:21am

Very interesting. Has anyone thought how similar futhark and fuck are too. If I was to say futhark as a word of power I would end up saying fuck. Or is it just me.

Comment by Arable Ann on November 30, 2015 at 6:42am


This is great. I've recently been drawn to the runes (just this year 2015) and the visual aspects are really fun, like putting together a puzzle. The seeds of the images are all embedded in each other and I love your interpretation. (Then it got more fun when you brought up the word cunt!)


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