Light travels at a certain speed, and thus the night sky we see is not as it truly is. The ancient stars are more ancient than we can suppose, and the deeper we look, the farther we are from what is Now.

So it has been with my words, as I express thoughts I had, in words you all could understand. I strove for clarity, above all, to establish the foundations of the rune meanings as I understood them, but only as far as I could express clearly.

Whether or not my work had value to you, it had less value for my struggles to make it clear, to aim it at an audience I thought needed such structure and clarity.

But my experiences have been anything but structured and clear. The runes now come to me as murk. What has not been expressed by the Rune Masters is beginning to form upon the pages of my leather-bound manuscript. 

Tonight my Valkyrie, my muse, or some unnamed god, took my hand and my ink spilled with blood and fire upon the page. I could barely keep up with her scorn, for she had had enough of my silence, my excuses not to write, not to teach and thus not to learn. For to teach is necessary. The words must leave me, they have to shed their light to other stars -- reach others such as you.

But I do not know with what message I now come. I am close. Close to new revelation and close to new understanding and mastery. It will take all my courage. It will take abandon.

I know many of you will welcome my return, will breathe a sigh of relief. Some of you (I think of Loclynn) have been with me since I revealed my scribbled notes on Loclynn felt, though, that I was holding back -- that I had revealed but a fraction, for whatever reason.

Fear can be a very subtle enemy. I searched a long time for a Rune Master who would teach of the murkstaves, of the negative, of the darkness. Of the truth. To be honest I found none that I could trust.

I was never invited by a person, to the life of the runes. I was not initiated by a leader or cult. I was initiated by the gods, or whatever you dare to call them. They laid their hand upon me and I was forever changed: my world crumbled, my mind fell apart.

I rebuilt myself and my life from the wreckage. I had to turn my back on the visions I was granted, because each time they would destroy everything. It was labelled mania and psychosis, but I knew it to be the shamanic path, which is lost in our time. The shaman, unlike the priest, is not initiated by mortals.

Who would not be afraid of the power that could take one world out from underneath you and show you another, complete, that made more sense to you than ever before -- yet that no one else seemed to see? Who would not be devastated when they had to turn their back on it to deal with mundane life. To become 'economically viable'.

But I learned lessons that were hard, and continue to learn. I have created space here, and watched and listened to you, the community, six years this January. I received emails with questions I dared not answer, but I felt you, you know. I knew the places you were in. I too have walked in strange places.

Now I am strong, I am healthy. I have more courage. My mind wanders where I had not dared to return. I had asked to be shown the mystery, and the gods had heard me. The mercy I was shown was that whenever I fell, someone or something was there to catch me before my skull broke open -- but I was not spared much else.

For those who think all teachers arrogant, you are dismissed. Go elsewhere, this Community will no longer be comfortable for you. Tyriel has returned, and I have been commanded to use my Voice once again. I fear now keeping silent more than I fear anything else.

I would encourage you to be excited for this coming time, because if you have found my work and my websites useful, you will be rewarded by seeing them become more so. You are here now with me, you will see the formation of my second book, a much greater work.

I also intend to let you in, to open up. To answer questions, to concentrate more on the problem of divination, to create structure. I also plan to make available (for an affordable cost, make no mistake, my time is valuable) a limited number of 1-hour sessions, that is voice/video calls where we can discuss things in the old ways, one-on-one. The oral tradition is powerful, and no matter how good my writing gets, my spoken word shall always be my greater strength.

But I also advise you to prepare. I speak now to the mortal in you who hides your greater, higher self. I am not inclined to be false for the sake of popularity. I, Tyriel, who have called out demons to their face with righteous fury... I still burn with fire. I am first a warrior, then a teacher. I sought peace and healing when I was wounded, not because I was a healer by nature. And I abandoned many opportunities to teach in favour of learning and experiencing firsthand the world.

I know that just as Tyriel is within me, there is someone, something else, within you.

You shall come to know me as I have come to know you, we shall discover ourselves, and I will help you how I can, as I have always meant to. My Way is not everyone's: there are thousands of ways. But somehow, we have come to the Elder Futhark, and this space, through a kind of communication, the internet, that has only begun to exist during my lifetime. The Ancients did not have this opportunity... I wonder what they might have done differently, if they had?

The runes are a riddle. They mean mystery and secrets. Their lore is hidden. They point to the unknown. They show us the courage we can bring with us, into the darkness.



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Comment by Loclynn on December 17, 2013 at 8:20pm

The shamans path is one of poisons, of ordeal, of boundary dissolution. and thus of madness. . It is not just outside of the norm, but it can be right down ugly. To sit amongst the dead as they putrefy; seen not an end, but a beginning.

There is little work that has been done on Merck and it is easy to see why. Like the alchemists cookbook; such a work will not be welcome by the nanny state. And even the traditions of the past will not like the naming of evil and yet nothing can be said of them without a true kenning. Then there is the danger, for one can not know a thing honestly without having experienced such.. To be touched by the Merck is in itself a painful thing and to reach for it willingly is a fornacators crime. .  

Comment by Esther Ravensdottir on December 17, 2013 at 9:21pm

I attempted to wax eloquently, and proceeded to delete my own comment.

Just, thank you, Friend. for all the unseen work and energy you pour into this project, and the support you have lent so many seekers like me.


Comment by Tyriel [Rune Secrets Admin] on December 18, 2013 at 12:00am

I got the comment anyway Esther, thank you for it. I was touched, and its words like that that fuel my way forward through the murky depths I have to struggle with now, in my search for insight.

Comment by Sigha on December 18, 2013 at 2:46am

Blessings Brother good to read word from you again <3

Comment by Tyriel [Rune Secrets Admin] on December 28, 2013 at 1:10am

The writing continues, and I am thinking of using ... I think it would really help fight off the mundane responsibilities long enough to produce something highly concentrated. I definitely see much more than I used to, and I have applied my critical mind to my own work, keeping it fresh and rich. I have laboured slowly to see the shadow side of the runes, the murkstaves... it can be frightening to look there, but I know there is much interest. 

Just providing an update here.

Comment by graham boyce on January 2, 2014 at 4:42pm

I am very new to this and it is the "murkstaves" shadow side of magic that holds me back, is there a safer path for the beginner? I would like to use my runes for good and protection.

Thank you and blessings and please forgive the ingnorance

Comment by Tyriel [Rune Secrets Admin] on January 2, 2014 at 4:49pm

A murkstave is not to be judged as 'bad' or evil. The fact is that each rune represents mysteries that go beyond our human definitions of good and evil, or our personal interest judgements of 'good for me' or 'bad for me'.

What the murkstave represents is that end of the spectrum of the said rune that is unconscious. Regardless of whether your intentions are good and you desire protection, the meanings of the runes embrace the totality of action, both 'light and dark'. 

To believe that you can use these symbols purely in a positive and 'user-friendly' way is in fact the unsafe path to begin with. What I suggest is having courage and facing the reality that must, of course, be represented by a system like the runes: which is that the events in the world, and your own actions in it, always have a negative side that often goes unacknowledged and unexplored. 

That is what the shadow side of runes allow us to do: turn our eyes upon the invisible instead of letting it run amok. The only way to 'protect' yourself using the runes is to learn about the very things you fear and avoid in life. This is the deeper, truer path. Do you think merely inscribing a symbol without complete understanding is going to do much for you?

I hope you understand what I am getting at. Please let me know any other questions you have, they really do let me know what must be written in the next book to address people's concerns.

Comment by graham boyce on January 3, 2014 at 7:45am

Thank you Tyriel for that clarity and blessings for the new year. Having reflected on your words a little ( I feel I need more time to fully understand) I am starting to understand that as western european raised and educated person the social teaching of a good path and bad path particularly as this is interwoven with established religion is a concept that needs to be shed before I can start on a true learning path. I am trying to explore a path that allows for the existence of more of a "yin and yang" or allowing a more flexible concept of fate. And to accept that to face up to fears and mistakes is the only way to truly understand.

Please accept my apologies for the poor clarity of expression, I do hope that you can "read between the lines" what I am trying to express

Comment by Tyriel [Rune Secrets Admin] on January 3, 2014 at 1:54pm

There's no need to apologize. I really do appreciate every time someone has something to say on the site, particularly when it affords me the opportunity to clarify some of my thoughts in exchange.

I can't speak for the Eastern religions or spiritual traditions. I wasn't born there and they are effectively alien to me. I have studied them, sure, but I don't know the language and the history as intuitively as would a person raised in the East. 

Western thought is dominated by DUALITY. That is good and evil, light and dark, chaos and order, rich and poor, etc. It goes deeper than that though. We have separated ourselves from nature, we think of nature as a thing and of ourselves as a separate thing. I can find examples of duality everywhere.

Judgement is the end of understanding. If we are overeager to lay judgement upon someone, or classify something, or measure its worth, then we have ceased to be curious about it. So where we can we should delay our knee-jerk reaction to judge. We should reserve judgement, save the energy, and learn more. In this way, many things turn out good which we would label wicked. Not everything, naturally, but an astonishing amount.

So yes, I think it takes courage to NOT judge. For most of us, I believe judgement is both a waste of energy, and a defense mechanism. We see it even in our superstitions, for instance your feeling, Graham, that the murkstaves or 'reversed runes' would somehow be dangerous. How? It's quite irrational. At least, until we realize what our mind is actually afraid of, how it even hides that fear and tricks us into being afraid of something that represents that fear, rather than let us know directly.

Half the time, the mind is doing something that is beyond our conscious awareness. Generally, up to no good. not evil, just not helpful. I believe the murkstaves are about that principle, particularly the ways in which we sabotage ourselves.


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